19 – The Choice || Mint Condition

No rant for this comic.


Well, today we get to listen to me blab about my other hobby… Legos!

You know, those little interlocking plastic pieces that you can build stuff out of? Yeah, those are Legos for you gamers and other people who don’t know what Legos are.

So I’ve been a fan of Legos since I was… well, very young. Recently I came out of a ‘Dark Ages’ where I had about my entire collection just stacked away in some corner and started to put together all these old sets. It’s amazing how things get disorganized and/or lost during the course of some five years or so. When I was younger, my mom stressed the fact that I should try to keep the sets together – and of course, I didn’t listen. Now I’m paying, and being entertained at the same time.

Just last week I actually finally finished sorting all the loose parts that I could find around the house. I’ve been able to get some 40-50% of all the sets I own back together and complete some superior-to-when-I-was-really-young MOC’s (An abbreviation for ‘My Own Creation’ which is a cheesy term for ‘custom’), mainly trains.

Really, I think building with Legos goes along the same path as drawing, it’s this “Let’s build what we can’t get in real life” sort of idea that shows up in my drawing as well. That isn’t to say you have to be at one to do the other, but I think they complement each other.

Alright, there was some really bad logic and grammar back there, but for lack of anything to say, I give you:

*fanfare* My Brickshelf Gallery!!!

(There’s only worthwhile stuff in the Trains folder, so just ignore the rest of the crap)

And have a nice day!!!

18 – Mad Art Skillz || Pier 666


Yeah. I ran out of time since I was coloring this other thing. Even though there’s more time between the Friday and Tuesday comic than between the Tuesday comic and the Friday comic, It seems like I have less time to work on the Tuesday comic. Confused? Me too…

I figure it’s because of the large amount of homework I get over the weekends. Bleah. As time goes on, I like weekends less and less…



Bleh, I really am not much of a coding person… But here’s the new layout… I think it is superior to the old one… Today’s time having been spent on this damn code, maybe tommorrow I’ll write something worth reading.


Alright, so I’ll say some stuff about stuff. Actually, forget it, it’s not going to be worth reading.

Oh yes, if you want to laugh at some extremely crappy coding, look at the stuff that makes up this site!!! (Alright, now I’m just getting delirious) [100522: Dead link].

ALRIGHT. This point of this thing is to give readers something else to look it (Not that you’d want to I guess) between the normal updates. The gallery is gonna have everything from dumpbox quality to color quality stuff, and if space allows, I’ll try to update it often. This box just says when.

And today I actually put in two new pictures.

17 – Muzak || Delorean DMC


Look! Color!

I started drawing this comic yesterday, and finished coloring it just minutes ago. This marks the fastest time from production to fully-colored I have ever done. w00t! (Of course, it’s the only colored work I’ve done besides the rant pic…)

No, I don’t think I’ll have another colored one for a while. Good night.


You know, a lot of times I look at professional manga, and I wonder how exactly do they go around drawing? Like… do they draw directly on the paper? No guidelines whatsoever? Do they do one frame at a time and assemble a comic on the computer? If so, how do they get past the pixelization of their images? And you know, stuff like that…

Whereas I can’t answer any of those questions, at least I can *ahem* enlighten you all on my own process, and J-san’s process as well. (That’s process pronounced with a long ‘o’). Not that anyone would care to know… but you know…

Anyways, what I do, I start off drawing guidelines with a 2H pencil This includes perspective boxes and skeletons for the characters in that frame panel. That even applies for Chibis. I can’t draw anything without guidelines. Period.

So then I put down a rough pencil layer. This is basically the same layer that would become the finishing layer of a sketch, kind of sloppy, but it has the general shape. I don’t shade or anything on this layer, that comes in the next step.

Which, of course, is tracing. Yep. That stuff I never thought I’d use after third grade came back and haunts me. It makes for a much better finish that if I tried to just draw over the guidelines. Just trace all the lines that you need (And keep in mind, the second two layers are all in HB), and then shade apporpriately.

Then scan and assemble on the computer. Each NWars panel is 260 x 352 pixels.

J-san’s process is pretty similar – He does a rough sketch in pencil (But usually without guidelines), but instead of tracing it, he goes over it DIRECTLY in pen, and then erases the pencil markings. Then he shades.

Personally, I don’t like the brute force erasing thing, but you know, that’s just me. Sometimes J-san’s comics come out cleaner than mine… and I should stop before I flood the rant box.

16 – The Plan || San Francisco


If only we could get electricity that way…

Well now, D-san’s going to start the chain of “The World of N-wars” strips (or N-wars no sekai, for those of you obsessed with Japanese terms). What does this mean? This means that coherent plot may be on the way! GASP!

Well, time to go work on another random project. Bai~!



No, in your dreams. But the next few comics will actually sort of fit together in a sequence of events as a ‘Tour of the NWars world’. This starts from this comic.

Why? Well, practice for the most part. You (Or at least I) don’t know how hard it is to get punchlines incorporated into something that’s supposed to come in a series of events. I just don’t think funny, like J-san, who is writing all the punchlines now. Hell, I’d probably do something like Starcrossed all over again if it wasn’t for J-san.

The other part is to try and gain maybe one extra hit per day or something to that extent. I think people are more inclined to read a webcomic that’s funny and follows a ‘Storyline’ rather than something that’s just plain funny. Umm… well, here’s your ‘Storyline’.

Eventually, we’re hoping to do a complete storyline, but that’ll be in a very, very, very long time. Past Christmas, maybe next Spring, most probably next Summer. Whoa, way to plan ahread. This, however, requires huge redos of the site, which I plan to do during Thanksgiving break. Convert to PHP, add some funky Java, make the site more efficient, all that good stuff.

J-san doesn’t write much. He’s just too lazy. Well, sometime, hopefully this weekend, assuming I get my new comp (W00t) I’ll put down a ‘D-san’s Dumpbox’ updating thing. It’s like MT’s news thing, but D-san’s Dumpbox thing. Yeah, alright. I’m gonna leave now. Maybe you’ll even get lucky (Or unlucky) and get that dumpbox thing next update.

15 – Funky Anime Part 2 || Detail 2


I wonder why nobody else ever thought of this.

It was fairly obvious (to me, at least) that someone could mess with the title like this. I told D-san this joke and he laughed really really hard (that doesn’t mean you will necessarily, but I hope you do!).

Oh, and first time using color in a regular N-wars, too. See the logo? See?

Short rant this time. I guess I should do more sketches so that I actually have a gallery page…


On the ball! On the ball! On the ball! Quoting something from Azumanga…

So, I’m not on the ball. I’m like under it if anything. I’m going to list the reasons for somehow not dedicating myself to the site for the past week or so. This being the reason we are getting so few hits as well.

First thing – I’m doing this huge thing on facial anatomy. Like, completely changing the way I do it, in fact, I’ve been carrying this miniature skull around for the past few days and just fondling (Ugh, bad word) it. And because of that, I haven’t been working on NWars.So, I rely on my backlog. So the art, IMO, is not that great, though it is still better than the stuff I started with.

Reason number two. Too much homework. Yep, apparently all the teachers are suddenly like, hey, let’s give the students more homework! It’ll be FUN! Yeah, fun for who? Definitely not the students. This is the second reason why I don’t have time to do anything with NWars. This also leads to problem number three.

Too little sleep. You know, last year I was getting like seven hours of sleep and doing FINE. This year I’m getting like seven and a half, and doing worse. And thus, I can’t stay up late to work on comics like I did last year. Thus, I get less done in general. Then there’s swimming and all these minor causes and stuff, but I won’t go into that.

So that’s why NWars is doing worse. Because of the lack of dedication.

Anyways, on a lighter note, Kooliop, one of our dedicated readers, has done a filler strip for J-San’s previous comic because J-San was not able to get a strip up last time. It can be found [100522 – Dead Link] here. That’s all we got for ya today. Stuff and more stuff.