28 – Subtle Humor || Enemy of the State


Rant as of late last night — {This was an actual conversation. Over the phone though, not instant messenger…}

Usually, I leave D-san alone, but this time, his rant has really ticked me off. Ongoing experiment? Look here, this is a PROJECT we started. Not just a short term project, this is a COMMITMENT! Don’t downsize the weight it carries. Room for improvement? Sure, but if you don’t see what to improve, QUIT WHINING! Our readers come here for humor and what plot we might have, not to hear us whine about our problems. That’s why I usually keep my rants short.

Not a “showcase for dazzling work”? Okay, I agree “dazzling” is a subjective term, but if we’re not here to showcase our work, WHAT THE FACK ARE WE DOING?! FISHING FOR CRITIQUES!? If you want those, you can go wade about in the mudpool they call the M*gaT*kyo “Forums”. You’ve done that plenty already, anyway.

More: You keep having to relate our thing to M*gaT*kyo, don’t you?! Look, this is nothing like that, except for the way you’re planning it!

Oh, and about helping the 56k-ers: Look, just reduce your filesize. Thus far, my comics have been less than half the size of yours. I agree that my quality could be a bit better, but still!

Erg. I just expended all my energy yelling (yellling?) at my co-author. I have some more issues with him, but I think I’ll take those to him directly. After all, it’s hypocracy if I whine here about them after spending a whole rant trashing him for doing the same thing…


Well, long time no rant. This isn’t a rant either, but you know, better crappy content than no content, eh? And, you know, this time I have the wonderful knowledge that no matter what, I cannot overflow the rant box.

So NWars is an ongoing experiment, IMO, it isn’t a showcase for dazzling work, nor is it intended to be, this applies to both the galleries and the site itself. NWars is just another short term project (Well, I think it’s short) to work on art, and such, just as Starcrossed and Reflection were. I believe, that as of now, there is still a lot of room for improvement, even though I don’t see what to improve.

Of course, I was looking to do that ranklist signup and stuff for a while now, and it took me about four hours one morning to get what you see on the links page right now. Maybe next weekend, I’ll try to get more, but as of now, at least a few more people can see us than before. Adding on to the links, you’ll notice NWars is on site version three. I tinkered around with it to the point where I eliminated all the stupid graphics files that were holding the site together, and went for a pure html code. Not that it’s necessary right now, but that will conserve bandwith. Oh yes, it also helps the 56k’ers, I know Kooliop is one of them.

And on the lines of improvement, I stopped needing to trace the comics. I figured I was able to draw the guidelines much lighter now than before, so a 25% brightness/contrast adjustment would eliminate those lines from the final comic. This saves about 20% of the time it takes to do each comic, meaing I can work on stuff like backgrounds, and detail, and stuff like that. On the contrary, the comics look even cleaner with that extra 25% brightness/contrast thing.

Then there is that thing of PLOT. It starts on today’s comic. Oh yes, quite exciting, eh? I don’t really think I’ve developed D-san or J-san too much up to this point, but working on the first few strips of the story arc here, it really starts looking like MT – Crazy Genius/Somber, Self-Depreciating Idiot – J-san/D-san. Oh well, at least we will have some originality in other aspects which I will not reveal.

Hits HAVE been going up. We hit a record 45. And the count for the past two days have been near 30. I’m actually surprised. Happy belated Thanksgiving, and thank god for this new rant box.


27 – Scarlet Letter Comic


Alright folks, today’s stuff is a combination of me being busy, trying to simplify the layout, and Justin’s lack of a new comic. So, you should read the 1000 words here to understand the following comic which I drew for lit class a week ago. It’s from The Scarlet Letter, if anyone’s read it.

Yes, and the comic, which crams everything into 6 panels:

25 – Quotes || NWars Physics 4

No rant for this comic.


HMM. Galupd before rant. That’ll force ppl to look at my crappy works. W00t! Ha, this makes for a good rant Topic. It’s called the ‘Artistic Self-Depreciation Syndrome’ (ArSe DeSy??? LMAO)

Well, let’s go over this first: If you are always positive about something, say, getting a high score on that big ass test you took last week, and you get a bad score, you feel bad. “Oh, damn, I expected so much more, and I didn’t get it! Waaaa…”. Now, if you EXPECTED to do bad, then your expectations were met.

So, then, if you got a good score, and you had high expectations, then you met your expectations in this case. But, if you were aiming lower, you’d be like, “OMG, I did SO MUCH BETTER THAN I THOUGH!!! WAI!!!”. Well, ecstasy (No, not the drug). So what I’m getting at is that there is a higher satisfaction rate by aiming lower.

You know, the same thing applies to art. A lot of people think it’s a really bad thing to depreciate (Dammit, is this even the right word?) your own work, but there is mentality behind it. Basically, it’s like bracing yourself for whatever criticism you might receive about that work.

If you tried really hard on it, and thought, “OMG, this is so good, let’s show it off”, and you were met by, “Damn, that sucks”, well, that wouldn’t be too great. On the OTHER hand, had you worked really hard on it, then looked back and said, “Hmm, it still sucks”, and you were met by that same, “Yeah, it does suck”, you wouldn’t feel that bad.

Or that’s the mentality behind it. And this mentality usually is looked down upon as having low self-esteem, or no self-confidence, but you know, it’s this natural thing we do to help ourselves against the weight of truth.

Oh yeah, I hate overly optimistic people.

24 – The Idea || NWars Physics 3


So, this strip, as well as Friday’s, will be a small break from the toaster-pastry mini-arc, which should resume (conclude?) next Monday. Maybe I should animate something again…(sorry, those of you with slow connections).

D-san claims that his “wonderful rambling” isn’t a rant, but isn’t that what rants are for? Rambling?


If you haven’t noticed lately. I’ve been coloring stuff a lot more nowadays. So just a while ago, like this weekend, I thought, “Why?”.

You know, for the majority of the time when I was in elementary school, I didn’t color anything. Even Justin is a witness to that. Coloring on pencil drawings, with pencils, for that matter, is a real pain in the butt, especially when stuff starts smearing out of control. It also took a helluva long time.

So of course, at one point, I did Justin’s little pen thing to get rid of the pencil markings, and I actually turned out several colored works (albeit bad ones) over the course of junior high. Still, it was really time consuming, and of course, once you made a mistake, you couldn’t change it.

And so, I discovered the beauty of coloring via a graphics program. Only a couple years too late for that matter. Of course, come to think of it, I did too many things too late. That includes stuff like anatomy studies. The first time I did a CG’ed work took more than twelve hours.

The obvious answer for coloring more, of course, is that I got helluvalot faster. Whereas the entire thing of ‘Discipline’ (Which adorns the index2 splash page of this site) took the entire 13 hours, the entire thing of the traction-engine-hover-car, part of which is displayed above this rant took all of two hours (Save the smoke, which, due to my lack of knowledge in basic CG, took much more time than it needed to).

Well, that wasn’t really a rant… just another wonderful rambling…

23 – Accident || NWars Physics 2


So, D-san inked and shaded frames 3 and 4 today. Different, isn’t it?

When I was partway through assembling the comic, I realized that I had forgotten to put the badge on the new character’s jacket before I scanned (the badge says “Chess”, for the few of you interested). So, I had to spend some time using Macromedia Flash’s vector-art tools making one.

I was originally planning to write a longer rant about D-san inking and shading frames 3 and 4, but I decided that the artwork spoke for itself. Plus, I’m tired. So, rant stops here.

No rant for this update.

22 – Eaten || NWars Physics 1


Oh my gosh! A new character? We’ll see…

In other news, “Toaster Pastry” is the first mini-arc I’ve done if you don’t count “Anime Swiss-Army Knife”.


Eh heh, this is a really nice work, IMO, so I’m gonna have one of my life’s stories accompany it. (BTW, all pictures hosted offsite, so they might be a bit slow)

SO. Let’s rewind to two years ago, when I was *OMG* in eighth grade. I was a YGO noob at this time, and as addicted to the game as a crack addict is to crack. It was in the third thing of Beckett YGO Collector that I first came across the Dark Magician Girl; the P4 version. (Believe it or not, I still have this issue)

[100522: Dead link]

And of course, as the legend goes, I was mildly obssessed with this card for almost a year; I bought all five of the Japanese versions on Ebay, AND I pulled an English one in my first pack of MFC almost a year later. So either way, it would only be obvious that I tried to draw the card. Of course, the first time I attempted this was way back in winter of 2002, the first of two golden years of YGO. It was for an Art project, and to be honest, I copied it. Horribly, in restrospect. I knew nothing about anatomy, nothing about CGing, and nothing about drawing people at all. (Lower right hand corner – D.Lim (That’s me) 2002)

[100522: New link]

I did do another two DMG and an IFL drawing (The latter two which you have probably seen if you were here long long ago, if not, you can find the threads in this forum) in this same manner, pencil drawing, ink overlay, pencil color, before stopping. Then came Starcrossed, and Reflection. In that year and a half, I finally developed a sense of how the human body is put together (And I’m still working on this), and just this Spring, I did my odd freehand DMG series. The anatomy was far from perfect, but it was freehanded, and a definite improvement from the works of 2002. Some of you have seen that series as well.

[100522: New link]

And now we jump forward another three months. All we get is a style change. The anatomy is still a bit screwed up, but this early NWars era sketch is a bit nicer than the past few.

[100522: Dead link]

Then, there was this one guy on MT forums (And I owe a lot to this person, though he probably doesn’t care) who pused my facial anatomy to were it was correct. Or close to it at least, without the pointy chins and stuff. At that point, I was on the last page of a 100 page sketchbook (200, since I use front and back) which I had been using since the beginning of the year (Alright, March, maybe). So, of course, I had to do something special. And that, was another version of DMG.

So now, I present; 45 minutes of lineart, a bit under 3 hours of coloring, and 15 minutes of compilation (For the final, the first compilation is fscked).

[100522: New link]

21 – The Update || Death Star


Lazy day today. D-san and I have a bunch of things to work out about N-wars before next year…sigh.


You know that stockpile I was priding myself on when we started the the site? It’s down to one comic. Well, one comic that I WANT to post. There are two more but they are absolute BS, SO, we’ll say there’s only one.

Now, how DID that come about?

Well, you know, once I started eating up the stockpile, I just wanted to draw other things more and more, and do less and less on the comics. Apparently I’m just not extremely fond of this whole single gag thing, as Justin is. So I drew other stuff, and drew fewer comics and eventually ended up with only one extra comic. Yay.

So what now? Just do crappy fillers? Heck no. Hopefully I can draw the three comics I need before Thanksgiving Break and then replenish the stockpile during that time. Then I only need to keep up for a month before Christmas break.

Either way, I STILL have not missed an update, and I intend to keep it that way… Alright, that’s all for today, I’ll talk more later.

20 – Resurrection || J’s Secret Lab


Continuing the semi-RAOS…

Oog. In the 2nd panel, J-san is a bit squashed, but other than that, I think this one turned out OK.

Oh, yeah, if you are wondering what J-san is doing in the 3rd and 4th panels, he’s dusting himself off.


Well, I finally retired the old computer I had been using for almost five years.

So as you may have figured from this topic sentence I’m going to rant about this old computer. It was a Dell Laititude Cpt C-Series my dad bought way back in Christmas of 1998 with a 400mhz Pentium II processor, 128MB of RAM and about 4-5GB of hardrive space, which was pretty good for a laptop at that time. I believe it was actually the first or second laptop my dad had ever bought, and probably only the 4 or 5th computer he had ever bought period. But that’s besides the point.

We left it in Hong Kong for my great grand aunt’s (Who’s now dead) secretary (Or I think she’s a secretary or something like that) to use, and bought a second laptop that spring.

When we went back to Hong Kong the following summer, the computer had corrupted its hardrive (Though we didn’t figure this out for a while), and was no longer being used. It was then that my dad sent for a new 20GB hardrive (Which was above industry standard that year) nto replace the old HD and the thing was working like new by end of January (I’m guessing these dates here).

You know, I did not start using this computer until the end of 1999 when Starcraft was a really big hit at my school, though the game was already several years old by that time. I’m not sure why I alternated between this laptop and my dad’s ’98 desktop, but nonetheless, I was using both comps about the same amount. Not to mention my sister and brother were also using both comps.

Anyhow, I finally stopped using the old desktop sometime between 6th and 9th grade (Yeah, so much for guessing dates), and stayed on the laptop. It’s just that a laptop is so much more convenient than a desktop, mainly because of portability; I took this thing everywhere. Ans so, I had been using the old machine since then. So why the change?

To make a long story short, my sister spilled Ginger Ale on this computer a month ago. We sent it into Dell to get it fixed, and during that time, she bought a newer (And somehow cheaper) laptop. So my dad let me use this new machine after it came back from the shop.