24 – The Idea || NWars Physics 3


So, this strip, as well as Friday’s, will be a small break from the toaster-pastry mini-arc, which should resume (conclude?) next Monday. Maybe I should animate something again…(sorry, those of you with slow connections).

D-san claims that his “wonderful rambling” isn’t a rant, but isn’t that what rants are for? Rambling?


If you haven’t noticed lately. I’ve been coloring stuff a lot more nowadays. So just a while ago, like this weekend, I thought, “Why?”.

You know, for the majority of the time when I was in elementary school, I didn’t color anything. Even Justin is a witness to that. Coloring on pencil drawings, with pencils, for that matter, is a real pain in the butt, especially when stuff starts smearing out of control. It also took a helluva long time.

So of course, at one point, I did Justin’s little pen thing to get rid of the pencil markings, and I actually turned out several colored works (albeit bad ones) over the course of junior high. Still, it was really time consuming, and of course, once you made a mistake, you couldn’t change it.

And so, I discovered the beauty of coloring via a graphics program. Only a couple years too late for that matter. Of course, come to think of it, I did too many things too late. That includes stuff like anatomy studies. The first time I did a CG’ed work took more than twelve hours.

The obvious answer for coloring more, of course, is that I got helluvalot faster. Whereas the entire thing of ‘Discipline’ (Which adorns the index2 splash page of this site) took the entire 13 hours, the entire thing of the traction-engine-hover-car, part of which is displayed above this rant took all of two hours (Save the smoke, which, due to my lack of knowledge in basic CG, took much more time than it needed to).

Well, that wasn’t really a rant… just another wonderful rambling…

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