29 – Interruption || Last Time


Derek goes to the Arizona swim meet again. This means, the plot for Starcrossed is now one year old, since he first came up with the plot at the same meet last year. What’s really funny is that the namesake of the main character in Starcrossed hasn’t even read the whole thing yet. At least, I think not…


Well, today’s update is two days early!!! Or actually, it’s one day early, since I always update on Thursdays anyways. Why? Well, I probably won’t have internet in Arizona, or at least not at an extravagant price.

Well, let’s not go into a life story since I don’t have that much time right now, but I’ve been swimming competitively for more than four years now, and I used to REALLY dislike it, but you know, times change.

So, for the seconds year in a row, I qualified for this regional level meet in Arizona (Though only in one event, but you get freebies for making it), but don’t get the idea that that’s really good, since it isn’t. The qual time I made was one of the slower ones, proportionally, etc.

So I’ll be gone for four days, this Thursday to Sunday and back on Monday, having raced more than two miles by that time. (Yep, I do long distance – 1650, 1000, 500, 200 Free + Albeit randomly, 50 fly). Erm… yeah, not much rant there, but whatever.

Some site stuff – I should write offensive stuff more often, and make J-san fill his rant columns more often. I don’t think I made a single outright COMPLAINT anywhere in the last rant, contrary to his rant, he just interprets it that way because I pissed him off. Whee.



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