dcomic 391


Last week was supposed to be the last week of inconsistent updates, but it looks like that’s going to go on for a lot longer. At the current rate, it takes me about three hours to do a comic including drawing and assembly, and I don’t really have that kind of time right now. So instead of doing crappy fillers, though, I decided it was better to keep on the storyline and harder to draw comics and have those be late than have crappy fillers.

So whatever the case, don’t expect on time updates, but don’t expect uber-late ones too… I’ll get ’em, whenever it is.

dcomic 390


Alright, this is the last week (Hopefully) of inconsistent updates. This is also finals weeks, so I’m still pressed for time doing anything. Friday’s D-san comic will probably be a bunch of random pictures, or that thing by Kooliop. Sorry to anyone who actually takes the time to read NWars.

On the meantime, one should notice that the site layout is changed to accomodate the larger comics that I make… The ones that take up twice as much time to make… with backgrounds and stuff… bleh.

I need an auto update script like Rawr has.