j43 – Negation


I’m back, I finally have a comic, and I just took back my space. Oh yeah.

So what happened during the delay was that we had this mousetrap car competition in AP Physics. This wasn’t the cause of the delay, just something that happened between my last update and this one. Anyway, the competition was to build a mousetrap-powered vehicle that could travel the longest distance. Derek and I, working as a team, got our car to go 26m 80cm (almost 90 feet, for those of you who don’t use metric) — which was about twice the distance of the nearest competitor. So, the teacher prohibited us from working together the next time the class had a mousetrap car competition. Actually, instead of remedying the situation, the teacher made it worse, since now there would be two cars that made it that far, not just one.

So, just today, Derek shows up with his own car (which has three different speed settings). It made it about as far as our other car. The two of us are now prohibited from even participating in the next mousetrap car contest. By the way, I also brought a modded version of our first moustrap car to school. It is the only radio-control steerable mousetrap car that I know of.

dcomic 242


I made it to JO’s in the 1000 free three months ago (JO times are supposed to be the top 25% of the Pacific Zone by event) I made the cut by just a second. Man, I was so proud of myself.

Today, I swam the 1000 at JO’s. I went 12 seconds slower than I did in Arizona. Damn. Really, this has been my worst season for the past three years now. Before, I think I improved at almost every other meet I went to… until just the past six months.

You know why? Cuz I don’t practice enough. I lost two weeks to finals at the start of the season, then another four to robotics. By the time I consistently started practicing again, there was only a month left of the season (Which tops out at JO’s).

Oh, and I missed out on all the weight training sessions in that month.

So I’m faced with another episode of ‘Too little time, too much to do’. Oh fun.

NEW for March 15th: Sorry for missing pictures on Monday and Tuesday this week. All my sketches this week’ll go together and make a short… well not story, but scene I guess. So you gotta wait until Friday for that. I can post another battleship I drew last week tommorrow, but yeah.