j43 – Negation


I’m back, I finally have a comic, and I just took back my space. Oh yeah.

So what happened during the delay was that we had this mousetrap car competition in AP Physics. This wasn’t the cause of the delay, just something that happened between my last update and this one. Anyway, the competition was to build a mousetrap-powered vehicle that could travel the longest distance. Derek and I, working as a team, got our car to go 26m 80cm (almost 90 feet, for those of you who don’t use metric) — which was about twice the distance of the nearest competitor. So, the teacher prohibited us from working together the next time the class had a mousetrap car competition. Actually, instead of remedying the situation, the teacher made it worse, since now there would be two cars that made it that far, not just one.

So, just today, Derek shows up with his own car (which has three different speed settings). It made it about as far as our other car. The two of us are now prohibited from even participating in the next mousetrap car contest. By the way, I also brought a modded version of our first moustrap car to school. It is the only radio-control steerable mousetrap car that I know of.


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