j49 – Schwop!

Hmm. The site seems kind of empty. Maybe I should get someone else to put stuff up instead of D-san…

Also, if you are a fan and are reading this, please send me an email at jtlan@yahoo.com. I need to know how much fan support I have (if any). Thanks!

By the way, the term “Schwop” comes from an example problem in Peterson’s AP Calculus prep book.

j48 – Bye!


When putting together this comic, I was thinking of outputting it as a gif. However, Macromedia Flash outputs the last panel as a bunch of vertical grey lines, so I had to settle for a swf file. Sorry.

In other news, my house’s microwave oven broke down. Just kaput. We fixed the fuse, and it immediately broke down again. So, right now, I don’t have a microwave oven.

In the past few days, I’ve learned just how valuable a microwave oven can be. First off, making instant coffee is now impossible (I add cold milk and use the microwave oven to heat it up afterwards). I also have to eat quickly since I can’t go and reheat my foods. Oh well. That’s life, I guess.

j47 – Banished

Here we go. The plot (however much exists) is moving along (or crawling, whatever). At least I’m updating. I’ve also removed D-san’s comic, since he is no longer updating it.

Interesting. Summer is supposed to be a time of freedom, yet I have little contact with my friends. They’re never on instant messenger (although I myself am rarely online). Also, when I call them, no one picks up. So, I’ve been in relative seclusion for most of this summer.

j46 – Boomerang

Another weird format. This comic took 6 panels, and I didn’t want to do it as one really tall column (which would stretch the site and be a pain to scroll through) or I could do it as two 3-panel comics. But two updates to finish one joke seemed to be an easy way out. So, here are two 3-panel comics combined by the power of Macromedia Flash (or is it one 6-panel comic split by the powers of Macromedia Flash?).

Anyway, I had expected summer to be more free. And it is. I’m just lazy. I’ll try to get into gear and bring you more updates, hopefully.

J’s EDIT 12-2-2005: The comic has now been converted to the newer 6-panel format. Ciao!