Last update this week (Look at that, three!), not a comic, and a lot of people have seen it, but meh. For the people who haven’t, this is one of two FFVII fanarts I did. In colored pencil. Cait Sith and Red XIII aren’t included because they’re non-human, and that’s a pain in the butt to draw.

Justin came over before he left for Taiwan, with his 100 stud + ship. I think that in the time that it took him to build his… I’ve got some engines, a frame, and a door. I might be wrong about the time, but that’s certainly what it feels like. Justin also had the brilliant idea of adding some custom rocket engines on Lego’s stock Maersk Sealand … without modifying the existing ship at all.

Hmm, I wish I had a picture or two of J’s ship.

dcomic 267


Never thought I’d see it… Nonsense Wars v4. The most efficient version so far. The theory behind a simplified site is to make updating less of a hassle. And thus, in turn, promoting me to get off my lazy ass and update.

[A Little Later] Ok, ok, I know what you’re all thinking… “Ewww, it’s D-san, wtf is that loser doing back here?”. Well, I was taking some time to get some critique from the nice people over at MT Forums… and a user who will remain nameless until he says it’s ok not to remain nameless said:

I miss when you used to update nonsense wars. It’s just half as good now a days.

Well, hot damn. NWars has [Had] its readers. Ok, so maybe they were far and few, but one is infinitely greater than zero. Thus, I decided to start updating again. Even if it isn’t comics, I’ll get something up here. Hopefully making the site simpler will help that.

And I know this ‘Test Comic’ isn’t funny. I’m not naturally a funny person. I just like to draw.

I’d also like to point out the navigation changes.

[Archive > Html Pages] gives you all the site’s old html pages, mostly without pictures.
[Archive > Jcomics] is self explanatory.
[Archive > Dcomics] is self explanatory.

[Archive > Jgallery] is self explanatory.
[Archive > Dgallery] is self explanatory.

[Gallery > Jbrickshelf] is some of J’s Lego MoC’s.
[Gallery > Dbrickshelf] is some of my Lego MoC’s.