j60 – Power of Bridget


I apologize for the late update. Anyway, today’s comic was sort of inspired by a thread seen on 4chan. If you do not understand the comic, look up “Bridget” on Wikipedia. That’s all I can say about it.

So, anyways, as of late, I have been particularly inefficient in getting things done. I haven’t been spending all that much time drawing, probably since over the weekend I was distracted by a good book. Well, time to get back on track then…


j59 – Toning Experiment


Arr! It be International Talk Like A Pirate Day today!

Now that that’s over with, today’s image was an experiment in toning, which is the sort of coloring seen in comics. I’m not sure why it’s done this way. Anyway, this was just a simple test to see if I could do it on the computer. If the image looks checkerboard-y, please keep in mind that it’s fairly large and probably looks better reduced. So, that’s today’s update, and I probably spent more time than I should have toning it. Ugh. Oh well, practice makes…something, right?

dupdate 050919


Hi, it’s talk like a pirate day. But you know what? Who the heck cares? I certainly don’t. When was the last time you heard of pirates doing anything? Never? Yeah, me neither.

This is a picture of the “City of The Future” series. Yeah, I’ve done one before, but this better. And since I’m at school and people are looking over my shoulder, I will stop.

j58 – Vector-tan


Once again, this was drawn some time back. This is a mascot for for vectors in general (you can never have too many mascots). I drew these two images during a break during finals week in June. Then, I put them away, and I spent a good deal of time looking for them last night. Goes to show, I should archive my stuff neatly.

j57 – no comic


Fine then. D’s rant is begging for a response.

Yes, tossing series is one of “my” things. The reason for that is because I consider it “disrespectful” to continue with a project that you’re not putting your heart into.

On another note, I figured out an interesting way to wreak havoc at the supermarket checkout. The conveyer belt that scoots items along moves automatically. It stops when an infra-red beam is blocked by an item on the belt. Thus, if you were to go in there with a strong IR lamp, and aim it at the receptor on the conveyer belt, the belt would move and never stop, and the cashier would be frantically trying to stop it.

I gotta try that sometime.

dupdate 050905


Well. There were actually a lot of options on what to post for this update. Three for that matter, and I chose the third option.

So the story behind this update goes back almost three months now, to my would have been submission to RSoM 6. Simply put, a spent a month thinking of storyline, characters, plot, etc, and it was all neat and orderly, and, well, it flopped. I didn’t like it and scrapped the project, which is a really J thing to do, but we all have our bad days, I suppose.

Recently, I said, “Hey, I’ve got an even better idea”. A better idea for RSoM 6 at least. If I told you about the idea, it would ruin the story’s “Wtf” element, so I’m not going to say anything. I’m just going to post the first two concept doodles (2 of 4, demonstrating how impulsive the descision was to draw this).

I doubt it’ll win even the honorable mentions. In all 5 RSoM’s, I’ve seen ONE pencil’ed submission win. There is very little chance I’ll be the second. For the most part, I just need to spend some time practicing inking – toning can be (What’s that word?) [faked] by grayscale cell shading, and with a tablet, that shouldn’t be too difficult (Maybe I’ll stand a chance for 7 or 8, if they even do that).

But for now, happy whatever.