j64 – Dress-up?

Happy Halloween, everyone! Enjoy your sugar!

Anyways, today’s update is just a sort of excuse to draw the Lesser Demon out of normal clothes. Problem was, there were always these grey smudges after I erased that I had to clean up on the computer. It’s happened before, but I still can’t figure out whether it’s being caused by the eraser, the paper, or the pencil. Or combination thereof. If any of you readers know the cause, don’t hesitate to tell me…

j63 – D-san Outfit Generator, v1.0


[10/24/2005] Wow, on time! Sort of, anyway. Alright, then, today’s update is a subtle satire on D-san’s dressing habits. The point is that he almost always wears a polo shirt and then a pair of khaki pants. No, really, I’m serious. Next time, I’ll make a version about me…

j61 – Classic NWars 00


[10/10/2005] Hello people! Apologies, again, it’s been a hectic few weeks for me (yeah right). I actually have no idea where my time went.

Anyway, today’s update is “Classic N-Wars” (or maybe it’s just me being lazy; the two are the same.) I made this animation waaay back when I was learning to use flash. Sorry if the the motion is a bit jerky; It’s only 12 frames per second.