d65 – Gunslinger Girl Fanart


Ok, let’s see if I can one up J.

This illustration has nothing to do with Christmas. It’s a Gunslinger Girl fanart I started in October, but never had the chance to finish. I had a partially complete, cell shaded version of this picture, but I decided not to complete it. I couldn’t get crisp enough lines cell shading with a mouse, so I opted for something not so neat.

This is done in Open Canvas 0.68. Everytime I use that program, I’m more appreciative of it. All the effects are controlled by these three little sliding things, and I’ve never figured out exactly how they work – I never got a manual to go with this thing, and I’ve never bothered to look it up. Someday I’ll learn to use this thing, but for now, in the interest of time and for the lack of skill, you’ll have to live with this somewhat sloppy work.

This lineart is in pen, too.

j72 – Holiday Comic 2005


WAHA! Sorry, sorry, yes, I do know which season it is. For those of you confused about the jet-powered bell, it’s a reference to the french tradition of the cloche-volant, or “flying bell”. Legend has it that, between Good Friday and Easter, all the church bells in France fly off to the Vatican and pick up eggs and other treats. There is no Easter Bunny in France. Go figure.

As I said, this update is ahead of time. This image will remain up until January 2, 2006. Until then, have yourselves some great holidays! Bai~!

j71 – Certain


I always wondered how they figured out “The One” was definitely “The One”…

Anyway, D-san is now overseas. I don’t know if and when he will update, but be ready for it. Also, I will be posting a picture for Hannukah/Christmas/Kwanzaa/Boxing Day/Whatever holidays take place during that time period (please don’t be offended if I forgot your holiday) before the 25th, so please check back about then and before the end of the holiday. It will display until the next update. Until then, bai~!

j70 – The Prophecy


Once again, today we have a joke that was funnier to me when I first thought of it. Really, though, this comic is for “plot advancement”.

“Oh my god! did you just say ‘plot advancement’?”

Yes I did. We are entering a short story arc…to be named later.

Today, D-san brought in one of his new ships, the Springfield redone as a short freighter, instead of an open-hull freighter with a long frame. It is still highly modular…one feature my ships do not have yet.