dupdate 060131


Ok, rant and everything in the same box; this makes my life a ton easier.

these are pics of my new ship, the Kagurazaka (Like, I said, there’s a theme going on, the next ship should be the “Aoyama”). As of now, I’ve got the entire airlock module done, and a chunk of the command module done. I’m keeping this short, here’s the BS gallery once moderated.



j77 – Assembly


I meant to say this last week, but I forgot. Those of you who saw the version of update 085 that was colored, please go back and look at 085 again. It has been changed, to keep the characters more in-character.

So, the plot keeps going. It’ll probably wrap up soon, and then I can get back to my randomness.

Hmm. Plotlines are kind of nice though. Maybe I’ll just have mini-arcs later on, with some new characters. Really, I don’t have much to say this time. How does D-san do that?

Oh, I updated my gallery though. Go look!

dcomic 397


Well, one early, one late, it all evens out in the end. Next week I’ll update two days early so I can update two days late the next week and so on and so forth.

I don’t really have much to say here, I’m just winging these comics on the most part, when the count gets to 400 (It’s at 397 for this comic), I’ll put in a “chapter break”, and we’ll get somewhere with the Directorate plot.

I’m working on a new ship… From the list of ‘Urashima’, ‘Springfield’, and ‘Narusegawa’, in that order, I had J guess the name of the next ship, now officially the ‘Kagurazaka’. She’s estimated to be 175 studs long, but about 75 of those studs will be accomplished by “cheating”. But she’ll qualify as a C1 SHIP either way.

That reminds me of Charles’s 100+ stud house…

j76 – Supplies


The plot’s moving along quite nicely now. I think I finally have the “warping in/out” effect down now (wound up using “Onegai Teacher” as a reference).

For those of you who watch/read Fullmetal Alchemist, I have posted the following exhange that actually took place at school:

Announcer: All seventh and eight graders, please report to Rooms 17 and 18 at lunch. You will take part in an experiment.

Me: You’re going to be made into the Philosopher’s Stone.

D-san: …

j75 – The Pot Calling the Kettle Black


This comic has been redone. The original comic and rant appear below. Anyway, I redid the comic since I was fed up with the original. This time, it looks much better (I tried inking again for the first time in a while), and the characters are also much more in-character. There is also a punch line of sorts. Futhermore, it also connects with the previous comic much better (and will connect with the next one since J-san in “in-character”). Most importantly, it took less time to draw and thus has a better “quality-output to work-input” ratio. I like this one much, much better.

Oh, I also forgot to talk about the sound effect in the last panel, “SHHHCCKCCCKC!”. This sound arose when I asked D-san over AIM, “What sound effect is used for the sound of a knife being pulled out of someone’s throat?” He replied, “shhhcckcckc”. So I used that exact spelling.


This comic’s got quite a few flaws, from my point of view. The major one is that J-san is quite out of character. I know that the Lesser Demon references this fact in the last panel, but it wasn’t planned. In fact, this whole comic wasn’t planned. That’s what I get for deciding to do a story arc without thinking it through.

The next flaw was that the panels themselves weren’t drawn too well. I haven’t drawn J-san from these angles for several weeks now, and so the drawings were a bit off. I also haven’t drawn the Lesser Demon from the front for some time. She doesn’t look quite herself in the last panel (add that to the fact that she’s also a bit out of character, and…yeah…). Anyhow, as you can see, I tried coloring today’s comic using watercolor colored pencils. Yes, you read that correctly. First color with the special pencils, then apply water, and you have a watercolor-ish effect. This was a third flaw because the color screwed up my scans since I couldn’t really use the auto-adjust functions on the computer. Oh well. I take it as an experiment. Next time I’ll do better…I hope.

(Oh the bright side, today I get to laugh at D-san because his update failed due to typos. I should do something to make these updates more reliable…)

dupdate 060109


So. J updated early. I’m updating on time.

The two “updates” in question are:

CLPS Mail Ship

CS Narusegawa

The Narusegawa was built before the mail ship, and I have qualms about the design. I don’t really feel like talking about them, as I’m kinda busy. She’s built to be an atmospheric warship, which is why her underside is totally undefended. The whole mess is not terribly realistic, with the the end sections connected by a weaker section of hull, etc.

The mail ship is nice. Why’d we have paper mail in the Confederate League? No clue. We have mail and we have the internet. Maybe it’s more secure or something. But then, for really secure connections, they’d have armed couriers? Maybe I’ll build one of those someday.

Ok, that’s it.

j74 – Analysis


The update is early today because I know I’ll be pressed for time tomorrow night. Ah well.

This time the drawings came along much more smoothly. I have no idea what I am doing differently. Hopefully, next time will be like this.

Anyway, today’s update is yet another step in this small story arc. Sorry if it wasn’t that funny. “The plot must go on” … or something like that, right?

Also, if you are visiting the site, please sign the guestbook. Even a simple, “Hi, I’m so-and-so and I read the comic” will do. But please, sign it so we know we still have readers. Our tracker seems to have broken down, so our questbook is the only way to know…

j73 – Funky Games


Hi people! Happy new year! As you can see (if you read the newspost at the top), I have added a guestbook to the site. I wrote the code for it myself, so there may be small bugs that arise from time to time. Please note that it is a work in progress.

In other news, it is D-san’s birthday this Friday! If you like, please send him an email wishing him a happy birthday. It will make him happy to see that we still have readers. Well then, until next Monday, bai~!

EDIT [1/3/2006]: I have added a new image to my gallery. Wow, it’s only the second time I’ve done that. Maybe I should scan in more of my stuff…

dcomic 296


Ok, this is lame. But, as usual, I don’t have anything else. So bear with me. Next week, I’ll have an illustration, which I might actually finish today, but am certainly not going to post today. I figured out the sliding things on OpenCanvas, so I might give that a shot again. Ok, done with the rant.