dcomic 249


This and the next comic aren’t funny. They’re just random inserts, which I wanted to do; this one goes in between the two free [Pron]s.

My general sentiment towards that “Voice Techno” is “Amusing, but relatively lame” – I don’t think J will make a good rapper anything soon.

I made another observation about my drawing, but as J says, and I can quote it here: “Busy, busy, busy, busy, Busy busy, busy busy, Busy busy busy busy, Busybusybusybusy!!”

dcomic 248


Well, I actually want to mention a couple of things here. Originally the above comic was drawn after the “Part 3” page, intended to introduce Aerith before part three actually started. Supposedly a stand-alone, I’m now going to go on a tangent to try and develope the two mech characters a little bit before moving on. Like I’ve developed D-san and J-san enough, if any. Did I mention it’s not funny? It’s really quite bad. I’m really not terribly happy with the drawings either. Did I mention that?

But see, like the thing is, I feel like someone can kinda get a feel for how J and D’s minds work from the previous NWars episodes (Or I think I can, and therefore, I think others can, though this may be TERRIBLY, TERRIBLY faulty logic), while I do not think anyone can get a feel for Chikara’s and certainly not Aerith’s “personality”. I use these words tentatively, as, relative to like a novel, my characters are really not terribly developed, and it may just be me who thinks that they are.

That JUST reminded me that I haven’t ranted about Aerith and Chikara’s character histories. And I also realized I have ANOTHER rant topic to write about that I just thought of now. Man, I should seriously keep a journal instead of writing these. Just wait until I write my memoirs. It’ll be crazy.

Anyways, Justin now touches on 100 updates and number of comics drawn. This was going to be my main rant, but I’ve apparently already used some of the space. So if you look at the of almost all of my comics, there’s a little bar: there’s a number (For NWars, I think they’re all between 200 and 400 as of now), the title of the comic, and the date that it was compiled on the computer. On my originals, I have the date that it was actually drawn, but whatever.

So this numbering system. I have not actually drawn 400 comics between now and July of 1998, but it’s close. (That’s an average of less than one comic per week, BTW; it’s like half a comic every week). When I did the first episode of “The Adventures of BKS” (Don’t have a scan right now, but may have one later), it was labelled “Episode 1, Edition 1”. Wtf does “Edition” mean in this sense? I don’t know. Either way, I labelled these comics, starting from 1, in chronological order all the way up to 200 odd. 200 itself was done in July of 2003 (That, BTW, is an average of about 200/(52×5) comics per week).

When I drew “Starcrossed”, I labelled it starting from 300. Instead of a chronological numbering system, the numbering system became more of a mental serial number for me. Of course I can’t read off the top of my head what #124 was, or even what #380 was, but I can tell you that #124 was drawn sometime between 99 and 01, and that #380 is an early page in the Directorate storyline.

But that’s besides the point. Or is it? I really don’t know. I counted that I’ve done about 70 NWars strips, but I’ve actually DRAWN about 120-140 strips between now and the start of the NWars project. I don’t know what the correlation between this and J’s statement is anymore, and my thoughts aren’t quite coherent anymore, apparently. So I’ll stop.

dcomic 400


I think part of my never drawing in the anime/manga style was that whenever I experienced it up until that time, it was always animated, and for a novice artist such as myself, that was probably intimidating on some level or another, hence my belief that I could never draw anything of that caliber (and even now, I could never animate anything to the extent that they do in an anime, even if I studied Flash in detail). However, when I encountered the drawings on paper, such as in the manga version of Chobits, I thought – huh, why are my figures so crappy compared to this? I thought I could do better than what I was doing.

This next part was immensely frustrating. At the time, I probably thought it was just because drawing figures was really hard – largely because I had no experience doing it – but looking back, I think it’s also a combination of the fact that I also had to largely relearn how to draw.

Before this fately year of 2003, I used to draw “on the fly”, that is, without any sort of a “pre-sketch” either to set the perspective correctly across the paper or, in figure drawing, to set up a skeletal structure of whatever figure you’re going to draw. In drawing machines, I think practice was able to compensate somewhat for this, but the perspective of those old drawings tended to get screwed up reasonably easily. In figure drawing, as shown in that old comic from last week, it just made things look bad. Of course, I didn’t too much about the effects of “drawing on the fly”W at the time, but I didn’t think of a lot of things at the time.

Here’s my first comic attempt at the anime/manga style. Dated at April of 2003: 193 After a couple pages of comics in this odd transition stage I realized that I needed something underneath my drawings. It was just too difficult to draw more complex figures with the “on the fly” method. Hence, I had to change to way I drew.

In drawing machines, this transition to a different method of drawing was really quite short. However, for figure drawing, the skeletal structures which I ALWAYS use now were not fully realized until only shortly before the start of the NWars project, and even then, was not terribly good. I guess one can see the NWars archives for evolution past that point.

Anyways, I don’t have more to say.