j95 – nPod Commercial


Hello! The comic that I had intended to post was not ready (needed reworking, etc.). Plus, I was busy this weekend (long weekend, but I was still busy).So, I have prepared this nPod advertisement. More may follow…

On another note, an early happy birthday to Adrienne E.

j94 – Searching


Today’s comic features a cameo from my British Literature Honors teacher (see second and third panels). By the way, “bereft” means “lacking”.

Silly sotry about today’s update: I was drawing frames, and was almost done with them, when I realized that the frames were for the comic after this one. So, I had to quickly draw all the frames for this comic. What’s funny is that this error made the past two days my most productive weekend in a long time.

Sam told me, “You should make mistakes more often.”

dcomic 279


I was going to rant about active improvement and some other stuff, but I got lazy. This is the last episode I’m going to post of the Aerith arc, so get what you will out of it. Next week we’ll get 401 and the continuation of the main arc.

j93 – YAAAAAAYY!!!!!!


Last time, on “J-san’s Rants”:

” I’m planning to do this entire mini story arc in this ‘manga’-format.”

Wait, what happened to the manga format?

The “entire mini story arc” was the previous comic only. It was the “Whatever happened to the Lesser Demon and the co-worker after the ‘Door to Heck’ mini story arc” super-sub-micro story arc.

Anyway, as mentioned in the first panel, this mini story arc is going to have a severly shortened introductory material so we can get to the chewy, uncooked bits of the story in the middle. Yum!