So. I’m very lazy these days. Summer is like a repressive burden that kinda slows you down in anything and everything… Makes you lazy. I have a bunch of these paintings which I have never posted. I’m just going to go through the lot of them, that’ll give me another four weeks of updates. Maybe I’ll decide to draw sometime between now and then.

I’ve given up on a “painting process” rant. It’d be just like a tutorial, and I’m not keen on writing a tutorial. Especially on a method that I’m not at all terribly adept at. The gist of it is to use as few “features” as possible, and just keep to the brush. Plus this “tutorial” would be in OpenCanvas, which… few people use.

I do have another rant that I’ve been meaning to write (For MONTHS now), but I really don’t feel like gathering all miscellaneous pictures and stuff needed for it, and then scanning it all. Again, it’s also just a consolidation of a bunch of previously spoken, random material.

The header on this site says “Updated weekly” for a reason. It’s “Updated weekly” as opposed to updated on a certain day.

j99 – The First Absentee Update

No comic today.
I do have other things though.
See rant for details.

Wow. That was a haiku.


Alright then. No comics, but there is an Art Gallery update. Also, note the nifty poll at the top. This poll will run for six weeks. That seems appropriate, given the traffic we get. Well then, that’s all for the first absentee update. Bai~!

EDIT July 6, 2006: The poll has been changed to run for only about two weeks.

j97 – Chris’ Daily Life


A little change of pace. I felt like I needed to use Chris some more, since as of now his character development makes him resemble a clone of J-san.

And now, on to the primary “Supposed-to-be-a-rant-but-not-so-long” topic.

T-shirts and jeans/long pants. A lot of my characters wear those. Exceptions (for regular characters in N-wars) are:

D-san (Wears polo shirt instead of T-shirt)
Chris (Whears chess jacket instead of T-shirt)

Now that Chris is wearing a T-shirt too, D-san is the only regular character character without a T-shirt (as pants are not usually shown, they don’t really matter in this discussion).

So what does this say? I’m not sure. Possibly that I’m just too lazy to think of new character designs. However, I think that right now T-shirts makes sense because, after all, it’s summer right now in the northern hemisphere. I’ll try and switch to jackets, etc, in the winter.

Actually, come to think of it, I don’t think I’ll like the way long-sleeved shirts look on my characters.

Well, we’ll see what happens.