dupdate 060721


The 5AT is complete. Brickshelf Gallery once moderated. See 5AT.co.uk for more information.

So anyways, this was a pain. It didn’t need to be a pain, but nonetheless, I took it apart and rebuild it (Almost from scratch) about three to four times before I came up with something that I was happy with. And even then, it was only very small external changes from version to version. Much of the part that I was unhappy with was with the internal structure.

Once the new wheels came, I could get effective pictures, though my camera doesn’t seem to be doing very well lately…

I had to dismantle my old motor unit in order to get all the red needed to build in the tradtional DB color scheme. Now I have a Hogwarts Express motor unit. Oh well.

Anyways, I’m surprised J wrote so much.

The end.


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