dcomic 412


I’ve got things to say again. Oh my God. I’ve noticed two things really, one is an observation, and the other… well, it’s an observation, but less of an observation and something I need to do.

So back at d105, I posted a set of sketches that was the first of several similar pages. Though it was not completely intentional, the outcome was really what pulled me out of what, in d106, I called the “Sloppy Line Period II”, characterized by the comics from episode 119 to 124. When I say “sloppy”, I don’t mean that the lines themselves, put together are sloppy, but rather, the construction of every line itself is sloppy; for a long time, I had a tendancy to go over lines several times regardless of the initial darkness/fill. Look closely and you can see what I mean.

From the sketch in d106 on, this sloppy line effect has actually been greatly minimized; though I’m really not sure how I did it. Consider the page of sketches I posted in d108. I’d hope that even the unobservant observer could tell the difference. But the observation that has triggered me to write about this change is this: I find myself using relatively more time to “think” rather than literally “draw”. After putting down a rough skeleton, I tend to contemplate/visualize exactly where a line should go before putting it down, as opposed to more of guessing where the line should go and going over it or erasing it and trying again. This gives a bit more insurance that each original line will be the “final” line, and you avoid dealing with sloppy lines and erased lines. Of course I still do a great deal of erasing. Just… less than before. Usually, though, erasing is concentrated on one part of one picture that just keeps giving me trouble, rather than across many lines and many pictures.

The second observation I made whilst drawing 413 – 415 (Today is 412, fyi). I need a reference set. If you’ve ever read some select manga that has reference drawings in the back, you’ll know what I mean. What little reference I have is scattered across various sketchbooks/comics, and I realized that it would be very helpful to compile a set, rather than 1) search through all the old reference 2) refer to the previous comic for help. I’ll really have to get around to this sometime. Meanwhile, you can look at all the cross-comic inconsistencies. Yay.

J was telling me how I wouldn’t get much character evolution (in the form of style change, drawing change, etc) if I kept a reference collection. I considered it after my initial response, and I came to the conclusion, that yes, he’s right. But that’s the point. For the first time in a long time, I’m satisfied with my “style”. Much of the work I have to do involves technicalities that can, but generally won’t touch anything related to “style”. I’ve got a huge “to do” list on drawing improvements that I’ve been trying to take down little by little… I suppose my painting “style” still has work to be desired, but that’s a whole different story.

So yeah, I’m done talking. It’s late, and I’ve spent too much time typing.

J121 – Obliged

[11/27/2006] Gallery update~! Please vote in the poll at the top! Every vote does count. Really, I mean it!

EDIT [11/29/2006]: (re: this post) An obvious extension of D-san’s idea of “thinking” more than “drawing” is creating art through sheer force of mind. Witness the results of my experiments with this subtle yet versatile technique:

As you can see, the slower, careful pace of this technique has allowed me to be more expressive than ever before. Unfortunately, I pulled a brain muscle while doing it, so I don’t think I’ll be trying it again anytime soon.

dcomic 411


Well, I’m out of ToTA fanarts. So here’s a comic. I’ve got up to 413 in inventory, maybe I’ll even start drawing 414. I kinda know what I’m gonna do in the next parts of the storyline. Maybe we’ll turn it into a shojo. Mua ha ha ha ha.

Also, I’m not too sure what’s happening in J’s comic this time. Specially in panel 2 and 3. Just which way is that sword going?

J120 – More Violence!


Unit 518 gets hers in this comic. Internal bleeding really sucks…

During one break in Statistics class the past spring, I was prototyping Unit 518 by sketching. This guy walked by and asked me:

“Is that a lobster claw?”
“No, it’s a crab claw.”

Small distinction, but it’s important to me. Lobsters, well, they’re expensive food. And I don’t like the taste. Now, crabs have always been described as “armored”, which they are. (To me, lobsters are just lobsters.) Plus, lobsters carry their claws differently. I think crabs can maneuver their claws a bit better.

And in case you’re confused, Sam’s sword is a rocket-sword. It’s got little thrusters to steer itself, and the funny circle near the tip is a sensor dome. In case you were confused.