dupdate 061211


Didn’t get another buffer comic done, so here’s another page of doodles.

So I thought about some things while drawing the latest page, and three things rendered themselves [for lack of a better word, important] enough to write about. Though I seem to be setting up for a long write up (Write up, btw, not “rant”. I’d think that I rarely actually “rant” by definition)… well… we’ll see.

Justin mentioned that I don’t shade my pages anymore. That’s BS.

It’s a funny thing with shading, really. Over the course of about 5 years, I’ve gone through two phases of shading… several times.

When I first applied shading to my lineart in about 2001 it was simple grayscale shading, using an HB pencil to shade as if it were a colored pencil. This type of shading is exemplified here.

Somewhere in the middle of Starcrossed, somewhere in the spring of 2003, I switched to what’s known as “hatching”, using close spaced lines to give the illusion of an area being “darker”. This type of shading is exemplified here and here.

At this point it gets really fuzzy, and I don’t want to look for dates, but the idea is that I switched between these two forms of shading multiple times between now and then, you can look through the comic archives if you really want to take a look.

I’ve completely gone off topic now, what I wanted to say is that the benefit of grayscale shading is that you can represent both color and lighting with different shades of gray without screwing with your lineart too much, but it’s very inconsistent because you can’t possibly put the same amount of pressure on your shading pencil while shading a large area. Hatch shading is more consistent, but because you’re putting more distincts marks on a piece of paper, you can interfere with lineart, and shading very large areas gets really ugly. It’s hard to depict different shades of colors as well. And don’t take my word for this, it’s just opinion.

So I wanted to say that I shade rather minimally with hatch shading at the moment. I’m basically trying to keep the lineart as clean as possible and still show some sort of depth at the same time. So yeah. Dammit, I still have two more things to cover.

Number two, I want to compile a zip or rar of all the NWars part 2 storyline pages. All the pages will be at a standardized size, the 670 x 1116 I use for all the pages at the moment. I’ll hopefully tweak some parts of the comic to make it flow a little bit better, and there are a few comics in there that I want to redo completely. At that rate after every “part” of the storyline finishes, I can put up a compilation for download and however small the reader base is, they can download the compiliation to more easily understand what’s going on. Or that’s the idea.

I also want to get that reference compilation done. I’ll need to draw basically 10 pages of character and another 10 to 20 of location. Five of that total of 30 can be obtained by copying existing material, but I’m surprised as to how little reference material I actually started with. That will also be available for download once completed.

Err, yeah, I’m done.


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