J134 – Real-Life Random Acts of Stupidity – Typing


Hi everyone! RLRAoS returns! (I’ve dropped that bothersome “realistic” stle.) I didn’t actually see this one happen, but it was reported back to me by the parties involved.

For those of you who are confused: The calculators we use at school are TI-8_ graphing calculators (The blank is some digit; higher numbers, such as the TI-89, are fancier; D-san has an 83), which can display text in addition to numbers. Hence, typing.

Sam tells me he was trying to type “potato”.


J133 – Interception


Sorry Sam, and all those Sam fans out there! Sam’s really been abused during this story arc, hasn’t he? What’s even sadder is that Cachiera actually has had more lines than Sam has…

Erm, I hope it’s clear that Sam and 518 are being thrown through the sliding door in panel 5. That angle was really difficult to draw.

I really like the expression 518 has in panel 4. It looks strangely familiar…

J132 – Two


Erm, “Two” is the title of this episode, if you were wondering.

Anyway, stuff about the comic. If the action in panel 5 is unclear: Cachiera is bending her (?) arm past 180 degrees. There’s no reason for a robot to not be able to do this, except that it might freak some people out. But it’s really handy for reaching places humans can’t…

While drawing this comic, I kept drawing Cachiera’s side-hair-tail thingies longer than they were in the last comic. I’ve noticed, actually, that this is a running problem for me. J-san’s hair got longer, D-san’s hair gradually got longer and curvier (although, granted, in real life his hair and my hair got longer too…). Sam’s ponytail and front bangs have also gradually gotten longer. Which brings me to my next problem: Sam and D-san look almost the same from the front. I don’t know what I’m going to do about this yet. Maybe some really subtle something-or-other?

In panel 2, Cachiera is showing the influence of the Chibi Vampire volumes in my room, although I wasn’t thinking about that series when I was drawing her. Must be a combination of the eye style (similar to the one in Gunslinger Girl and me messing up while drawing.

Sam’s rocket-sword has failed to do much of anything again. I’m sorry Sam! But I think this is what happens when you use it to hit things that swords don’t usually cut through.

on, and congrats to Sam for being elected as Evil Overlord of (our school’s) Math Honor Society without contest! We all know that the president, VP, and secretary are all just fronts for his authority. Next step: Evil Overlord of his grade. Then, the whole school. And then, the city! <cue Excel Saga’s dramatic background music here> Then, the county, the state, the nation, and then the whole world! Bwahaha!



Uhhh… my computer seems to hate me at the moment, so I really didn’t feel like scanning the last two comics of my cache. It’s three by the time I’m writing this. The first page of part four has been drawn. Maybe three and a sixth.

Thus I’ve got the completed version of my anachronism from last time as today’s update. I’m actually more fond of this than I am of Raine Sage; both utilize the same painting methods, but the lineart in the former picture is superior. Which in turn leads to superior shading (and here, there is a difference between shading and coloring, shading being a subset of coloring). Which in turn leads to a better picture.

On top of that I finally found a believable way to do hairshine (single word, Arundhati style; you’ll see that Raine Sage and previous works just don’t have it at all), so yeah, I’m diggin it (don’t quote me on that). At the very least, it’s an improvement over the remake of Discipline (July 2003) from a year ago.

Let’s see… first, do I have anything to say in response to *gasp* another long Jrant (single word, Arundhati style)!?

Yes, I do. But I’m not gonna say anything since I said I wasn’t gonna say anything cuz J never listens to me anyways. Ha!

But now, now comes the revelation that I will make a revelation in the near to distant future. Whilst contemplating the storyline for part four (a couple of fight scenes; a couple hundred pages of 101 EZ Steps), I thought of an ingenious idea that would 1) VERY NICELY merge the directorate storyline with the Confederate League Saga, 2) reuse some old material, some of which has never been used, and 3) iron some inconsistencies, such as in the drawing of today’s update. I mean, entry.

In the near to distant future, I will post some reference stuff. Maybe.

a) Anything can happen to anyone
b) It’s best to be prepared

So be prepared. Yeah. I backed up 4GB of data today.

J131 – Store Defense Mode

[2/5/2007] Hey all (sharp tool used to poke things)! I decided to color this comic just for fun. And so, we see three characters colored for the first time (and one guy who appeared for the first time here, and so was also colored for the first time, but he’s not a running character) The drawings seemed to turn out really well while I was working on it, and my first reaction was, “ZOMG, awsome!” (sic). Then, my next reaction was, “Fack, this is probably a drawing I saw somewhere else.” And then I thought, “Gee, some cereal would hit the spot right about now.”

So, I was drawing the dude in panel 1 (We’ll call him the “produce manager”), and he looked really familiar. I think I subconsciously based him off of Derek, although he does kind of look like Walter (from Hellsing).

As for the checkout robot girl … I don’t know how many people will get this, but here we go. So, I needed a name, and I was intending to call her “Unit C” or something like that, to represent the non-humanization of machines by the store owner despite its AI capabilities and yada yada yada. But while sitting there, I thought of “Cachiera”, which still embodies the non-humanization part (Hey, I think this is kind of important. Maybe it’ll get used sometime later.) and also sounds pretty good, being the verlan of “Shakira”(Well, it was funny when I thought of it). As for the ear things … The traditional robot girl has ears that kind of look like comm antennas. Sometimes they’re fin-like, but the antenna shape is pretty common (I hate to give spoilers for D-san’s stuff, but seeing as it’s already public, this drawing is a pretty good example). Makes no sense, seeing as you could easily hide the antenna internally, somewhere where it’s less vulnerable. (A notable exception is Chobits, which actually has the ears doing something useful.) Anyway, I thought, well, if the ears are going to be big and exposed, let’s have them be functional, and so on Cachiera, they’re the cooling system. Square thing with the circle inside is a cooling fan, and the triangluar plates are heat sinks. They fold up when she’s not generating much heat (running the checkout aisle) and extend when she’s generating (or will generate) more heat (fighting off demons, demon hunters, shoplifters, and the like).

So anyway, that’s my rant for today. Wow, that was pretty long. And actually a rant.

dcomic 419


Wow, wow, wow, wow, WOW. J’s rant compared to his other rants is like like the mass of a proton compared to the mass of an electron! I have thus responses and other random comments to make as well.

First, after next week, if I don’t get any more comics done, the story will go on hiatus once again. Oh joy.

Second, I love J’s old people. They always make me laugh. Like that Woody Flowers picture. If there’s one thing I need to work on, it’s old people. That and feet. That’s right, feet. Not the measurement unit. Yeesh, that’s like adding another item to a shopping list of 100+ items. But yeah, I got a kick out of produce manager in the second panel.

J’s lines and coloring could use some work… but he never listens to my babbling anyways. I always tell people to draw single lines… and no one ever listnes to my babbling anyways. But anyways.

In response to this comment The traditional robot girl has ears that kind of look like comm antennas. Sometimes they’re fin-like, but the antenna shape is pretty common (I hate to give spoilers for D-san’s stuff, but seeing as it’s already public, this drawing is a pretty good example). Makes no sense, seeing as you could easily hide the antenna internally, somewhere where it’s less vulnerable. (A notable exception is Chobits, which actually has the ears doing something useful.), I had actually thought of the fins being passive heat-sinks recently. Just like how the big fin on Chikara’s Discipline is a heat sink. Great minds (Or lame minds) think alike, or something like that.

As for the picture itself… well, I’m too lazy to explain it, here are two explanatory links for anyone interested – the first is the actual explanation, the second is just a working thread. Yeesh, I’ve been working on this for a week now…


The picture itself is either: a) ana-chronistc, b) a foreshadow. Chikara is depicted with a bunch of dead BKS guards, probably near the outbreak of the revolution. A class R70 space-train is on the elevated track behind her, indicating that pre-Confederate express trains are still in service, though becoming rather old and run down.

BUT ANYWAYS, I’m tired and out of things to say.