J134 – Real-Life Random Acts of Stupidity – Typing


Hi everyone! RLRAoS returns! (I’ve dropped that bothersome “realistic” stle.) I didn’t actually see this one happen, but it was reported back to me by the parties involved.

For those of you who are confused: The calculators we use at school are TI-8_ graphing calculators (The blank is some digit; higher numbers, such as the TI-89, are fancier; D-san has an 83), which can display text in addition to numbers. Hence, typing.

Sam tells me he was trying to type “potato”.

J133 – Interception


Sorry Sam, and all those Sam fans out there! Sam’s really been abused during this story arc, hasn’t he? What’s even sadder is that Cachiera actually has had more lines than Sam has…

Erm, I hope it’s clear that Sam and 518 are being thrown through the sliding door in panel 5. That angle was really difficult to draw.

I really like the expression 518 has in panel 4. It looks strangely familiar…

J132 – Two


Erm, “Two” is the title of this episode, if you were wondering.

Anyway, stuff about the comic. If the action in panel 5 is unclear: Cachiera is bending her (?) arm past 180 degrees. There’s no reason for a robot to not be able to do this, except that it might freak some people out. But it’s really handy for reaching places humans can’t…

While drawing this comic, I kept drawing Cachiera’s side-hair-tail thingies longer than they were in the last comic. I’ve noticed, actually, that this is a running problem for me. J-san’s hair got longer, D-san’s hair gradually got longer and curvier (although, granted, in real life his hair and my hair got longer too…). Sam’s ponytail and front bangs have also gradually gotten longer. Which brings me to my next problem: Sam and D-san look almost the same from the front. I don’t know what I’m going to do about this yet. Maybe some really subtle something-or-other?

In panel 2, Cachiera is showing the influence of the Chibi Vampire volumes in my room, although I wasn’t thinking about that series when I was drawing her. Must be a combination of the eye style (similar to the one in Gunslinger Girl and me messing up while drawing.

Sam’s rocket-sword has failed to do much of anything again. I’m sorry Sam! But I think this is what happens when you use it to hit things that swords don’t usually cut through.

on, and congrats to Sam for being elected as Evil Overlord of (our school’s) Math Honor Society without contest! We all know that the president, VP, and secretary are all just fronts for his authority. Next step: Evil Overlord of his grade. Then, the whole school. And then, the city! <cue Excel Saga’s dramatic background music here> Then, the county, the state, the nation, and then the whole world! Bwahaha!