dupdate 070425


Errr… I just drew something for the first time in weeks yesterday and I was gonna use it as an update, but it was for art and therefore it has been turned in and is not in possession and subsequently cannot be used for an update. Oh darn.

Not to mention I just shaved two years of hair off the top of my head. that’s quite interesting.

I do have a hellalotta sketches from a rather prolific drawing period from a coupla weeks ago, but there’s nothing terrible interesting; I’m just practicing a buncha stuff, so we aren’t getting a drawing this week.

So here’s two Lego MoCs; one for last week, one for this week.

Last week’s got my now dismantled internal-combustion-punk barge, posthumously named the Minase. Frankly, I’m been religiously keeping to my two naming schemes for the past couple years, but I think I’m about to ditch it.

The Minase‘s descedant, the Sawatori is currently intact, will show pictures at some other point, but now, the ship you’ve been waiting for. It’s been under construction since mid-march, incomplete and partially dismantled, the Sakurazaki.

At this point, I want to note my naming scheme. Spacecraft names have alternated between characters from Akamatsu’s Love Hina and Negima, going by whom I thought were the “main” characters. Subsequently, we’ve had Urashima, Springfield, Narusegawa, Kagurazaka, Aoyama and now Sakurazaki. Atmospheric ships, though I don’t care so much about the name, have gone by Kanon characters, also in order of importance: Aizawa, Tsukimiya, Minase and Sawatori. Thus the ship I’m working on now SHOULD be the Misaka, but at this point, like I said, I think I’ll deviate…

But anyways, the Sakurazaki holds the distinction of being my only recent SHIP project to not reach a state of completion before being dismantled. I say recent because variants of the Charmer (She’s the blocky yellow ship on the left) have had this distinction… but does that really count?

Well, construction on the ship began in March (when my last prolific drawing streak ran down XD) based on the “success” of the Minase… meaning I was really pleased with how the latter ship turned out. I was trying to apply a similar contouring style to a larger ship which apparently didn’t work out so well. The Sakurazaki was also my first fully double-decked SHIP – built to MASS to boot. More than 100 studs long, she also weighed quite a bit – and took up a monstrous amount of parts. Interestingly enough, I believe (just from guessitmation) that the Kagurazaka still weighs more.

Ok. I’ll finish next time. I don’t feel like writing more.

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