dcomic 427


Hmm… I’m kinda in a rut for drawing. I’m not quite sure what I should be working on these days. Or rather, I kinda think I know what I should be doing but certainly have no way of going about doing it… its all quite fucked up and I’m trying to play Pokemon at the same time. Might not have a comic next week. Blah blah blah…


J146 – Insanity


Today’s monster of a comic (9koma!) was written by the real-world Sam Ruddell. As you can see, inking has returned! It does make the drawings quite a bit cleaner.

So, D-san and I were at Fanime over the weekend. We set up a table in Artist’s Alley, but we weren’t able to sell anything, since we didn’t have a seller’s permit, as we had decided to do this just one day before. Oh well.

Anyway, we should go to another anime convention in the future, but seeing as how we will be on opposite coasts, that might be kind of hard. Well, we’ll work it out.

Until next week!

dcomic 426


Well, sometime after drawing this I figured that you shouldn’t put speed lines in the center of a panel; rather, you should kinda line them around the edges. I think.

Drawn up to 429 now. These next few pages kinda combine the “styles” before and after 412/413. Movement and dynamics are the attempted focus… what I think are two components I need to work on. 426/427/428/429 all look pretty good imo.

Dunno how far I’ll get in the story through this drawing “cycle”. I tend to work with my hobbies in these “cycles”… like a month on one thing, next month on another and so on and so forth. That’s why there are always splurges of comics followed by filler crap. I can never seem to draw enough comics during a splurge to make up for an entire cycle of non-drawing. Ah well.

A compilation for “Part 3” is on the back burner. Most of the stuff is done, but I’ve gotta find a way to make that 277-280 series work without redrawing anything XD. Dunno how many ppl took a look at the first compilation… ah well.

J145 – Irony Tree

Sam came up to me a few weeks ago with a good idea and offered to do a guest comic. But today, he said he couldn’t finish it fast enough to make today’s update. So I did it myself. Presenting a vicarious guest-comic by Sam:


So, today’s comic is a tribute to xkcd, one of the more unusual webcomics out there. Very creative, though. I wish I had thought up a lot of his jokes…

But yeah. If sam ever does his own rendition of this idea, I will post it. See, me doing this instead of him is a result of burning too much filler material on this update. Oh well.

J144 – Sandstorm 02


Well then, Sandstorm picks up where we left off. Um, it’s night, in case it’s hard to tell.

Anyhow, a somewhat serious rant topic. Those of you here for fun, go ahead and skip to the next paragraph. Now, anyway, I recently read a letter to the editor in the paper. The writer was complaining about how George Bush and Karl Rove are dancing while … and then the author went on to rant about the general state of crisis in the world. I’m not so sure that the writer knows exactly what politicians have to put up with. Some of this (Dubya’s dance is a better example) is simply a matter of being the head of state; he’s got to act the part. But the other thing he/she (I don’t remember, and I’m too lazy to go look) is forgetting is that the people who serve in our government are people too. We can’t expect them to be serious all the time.

Anyway, technical aspects of the comic: I had an interesting time drawing those propellers in panel 1 with no references. This was the way I started drawing them in junior high, and as I don’t really draw propeller-driven vehicles all that often I haven’t really honed my propeller-drawing skills.

I also like the random flourescent bulb just dangling there. I figure, this is set in the future, light bulbs are imported to the colonial planet anyway, so they might as well make long-lasting flourescents so you don’t have to buy imported stuff so often.

But yeah, that’s my rant. Until next week, Holman Projectors!

dcomic 424


Errr… well, let’s see, I was talking about the Sakurazaki in my last entry. But I’ve forgotten what I was going to say and I’m actually trying to do some drawing now, so I don’t wish to write anything. But since I’m doing that it means we might have comics for next couple weeks. They’re pretty sick too starting from 426.