J155 – Live A Little


This update has suffered one setback after another. First, I was unable to contact the guy with the scanner before we had to leave for a field trip to Houston, so I wasn’t able to scan the comic until today. Then, I scanned the file in the wrong format and didn’t realize it until some time later when I actually started to work on assembling the comic, at which point I had to run out and re-scan it. Then, before I could start on assembly, I got called away to work on a project. Ah well. It’s done now.

The big first panel is actually a combination of three drawings: D-san standing, J sitting, and the spell circle from the last comic. I was originally going to cut it into two panels in such a way that it would be one drawing interrupted by the panel break (see this comic for an example). But I couldn’t figure out a good way to cut it, so I just left it as one piece. I actually like this effect better.

Well, anyway, until next week! No idea what I’ll draw next..

J154 – Sandstorm 05


Well, I thought I had just broken my pattern of 4Koma-Manga-Blog, Sandstorm, “normal”, but it turns out I had already messed it up, so there wasn’t any real pattern to begin with. So, you get Sandstorm this week. And just for D-san, we have another old person! (See D’s rant here.)

I really like D’s 4koma. There’s a distinctly D-san flavor to them. Also a tint of typically “Japanese” 4koma.

Today, I tried using the .png format. It’s about the same size as a good-quality .jpg, and plus, it’s non-lossy, so I can go back and edit it later if I need to. I also drew in the speech bubbles by hand today, which I think produces better results. Still have to work on getting the pencil work clean and scannable without inking, which can distort the original sketch in the translation.

That policeman is really fun to draw.



Well, no comic ultimately, but here’s for 2000 pageviews on my DA.

I’m pretty annoyed these days that nothing ever seems to work on the first try. Starting with the SATA drivers and XP on my D830, I’ve had to troubleshoot so much crap over the past week… the worst of which has been a burnt out fan on my desktop. And not to mention I think I’m going to replace the CPU fan as well which has been running very loud recently. Whadda pain. This is what happens when you mooch hardware from folks named generalachoo.

J153 – Sandstorm 04

[7/17/2007] (At least on the East Coast).

So, here we finally have pictures of my HP nc 8430, as talked about here. Finally, huh?


Anyway, it’s a really nice computer, though it didn’t come with Vista. I have the upgrade, though. Might install it sometime.

LOL @ D-san’s XP-tan desktop. I need to get one for mine…

So, for some reason, today’s comic’s template was printed out on semi-glossy paper. So some of the pencil lines really didn’t hold at all. Inking destroyed some of the detail that was there in pencil … still trying to strike a balance here.

The policeman in the last panel looked really familiar to me for some reason. I think it’s because he’s some sort of cross between D-san and Senator Käska.

Well, that was incoherent. Trombone.