dcomic 443


So I don’t have a terribly large room (at home; my dorm is miniscule compared to my native abode), it’s somewhat larger than J’s (But J’s room is still spacious compared to my dorm), but J gets to keep his stuff around his house. Luckily or not, I don’t have that luxury. And as you may or may not have deduced, I’m quite the kleptomaniac and have built up quite the collection of… stuff over my 18 years in the world. A very large portion of this stuff is Lego (Probably even 50% by volume), but large things like old computers and electronics are starting to take up significant space.

So it’s a never ending battle to keep making more space out of a set amount of space and I do routine re-organizations of my… stuff in the name of opening up space for more… stuff. Currently I have about 5-6 file boxes worth of “raw” space (one file box is maybe 2-3 cubic feet of space) and maybe another 10 file boxes worth of “dead” space (space that’s impractically shaped [for now] for general storage, or filled by empty boxes). Raw space is just empty space that’s practical to use. On the other hand, a good example of dead space is a tower of space about 6 file boxes high where you don’t really want to put heavy file boxes as it’s hard to get one out and there’s a good chance of killing the ones on the bottom under a heavy load. Hence, most of the “dead” space in my room is filled with empty boxes. And of course there’s like unaccounted for space which is just the odd cracks here and there that I can’t fill. Like the space under the celing but above my height. That kinda thing.

Now I bring this up because I actually won a major victory in the battle for space today, freeing up approximately 4-5 file boxes of space (generally by filling up “unaccounted” space and moving “dead space” around; this is why I’m good at Tetris).

I have an old PC monitor, a ViewSonic CRT (frankly the best CRT I’ve ever used; it might not have a terribly large screen, but it’s relatively compact… and the screen is FLAT!), and it takes up about one and a half file boxes of space (from now I’m going to abbreviate file box as fb. So that CRT is about 1.5fb) and prior to today, it’s been sitting on the ground. My original intent was to simply make room such that I could put this thing on a shelf, but I ended up freeing up more space than I originally intended.

The big breakthrough came when I replaced a beam being used to hang clothes with one half the length, as more than 4/5 of that length was not being used at all. That gave me about 2.5 fd of space, to which I relocated 2 actual boxes of stuff. (Here you can see the dowel that was taking up unnecessary space; this is an old picture, though [100613: Dead link]). In the space at the very top of my closet which had originally been filled with a mix of boxes I dedicated solely to file boxes of stuff, which used up the space more effectively. Finally, a similar consolidation was done with Lego boxes elsewhere. I would have consolidated the Lego much earlier, but I was worried about stacking older boxes more than 4-5 high. Oh well.

Anyways, here are some pictures before and after today’s reorganization [100613: Two dead links].

PS. Today’s comic is not retexted. I am not happy with the text of the comic but I do not know how I want to go about fixing it. That’s why it’s later than usual and un-retexted.


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