“… so this … this is what having a p***s feels like …”

Anyways, before I begin, that’s not my caption. Just fyi.

So today we’ve got some doodles instead of 445. J and I were talking about… er… what the crap were we talking about? Whatever it was it got me doing these re-interpretations of old characters and J’s characters. Oh yeah, we were talking about doing a BKS related one-shot. A one-shot like Sandstorm. But better. Hopefully.

Anyways, the first scan mainly depicts Keno Colin and on the right, Bradly Colin. These two are (my and J)’s original original characters dating back to July of 1998. This rehash is based off the version of Keno I used for Reflection, though it fixes his hueg chin and hueg hair. I tried to give him somewhat of a bishie appearance and I think it turned out pretty well. Mentally I think of Keno as the cool and composed older brother, something of a Ryosuke from Initial D. At the same rate, I imagine Bradly to be like Keisuke.

Second picture is of Senator Kaska, leader of the senatorial forces against Bradly and Keno. He should be an internal ugly character, but Reflection seems to suggest that he and Keno were amicable at some point in time. Of all the redrawn characters, Kaska is one of my favorites here. He looks a bit younger than he does in Reflection, though I feel like I corrected it a bit in some of the iterations.

Then comes the Lesser Demon and her Co-Worker. Somehow Lesser Demon seemed to come across as an irritated white collar worker whereas her co-worker seemd to be more of the onee-chan type. I think these impressions come across rather well in the sketches. J was mentioning how her cap was backwards because it was hard to draw forwards… I completely agree. It’s a Pokemon League cap if you didn’t notice. Because Pokemon is the devil. Her sunglasses were a bit annoying too. The way they’re shaded isn’t very happy’ it looks better if they’re left unshaded. But then you can’t tell that they’re sunglasses. It just doesn’t work well with the open-rim hack.

Fourth picture shows Checkout Robot Cachiera and Zan. I imagined CRC as perpetually having a neutral expression (Similar to what’s her face Evangeline’s mech in Negima, emphasis on similar). Her cooling fans reminded me of oversized headphones, so I thought she’d look good with a hairband. However, J claims she looks like Haruhi with the hairband. Anyways, the upper left drawing is my second favorite of the lot. As for Zan… well, it’s Zan. J can elaborate, I don’t know what the hell is going on with that guy XD.

Finally, we have a painting of Chikara. Good grief she’s come a long way since her Introduction three years ago. It’s less comprehensive, but I think this illustration is going to replace C070211 as my “Featured Deviation” on my DeviantART account.

Alright, that’s it. Will probably have 445 and 446 in the next two weeks. And then it’s done with Part 4.


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