J214 – Small Talk

[10/27/2008] So, yeah, an actual update. Quality is all over the place on this one. I do like panel 2, though…

And now, and actual rant!

I don’t hate Macs.

Rather, what I hate is the attitude of the company and of the typical Macintosh user. Mac users typically come equipped with a “holier-than-thou” attitude and the belief that Macs are inherently superior to Windows machines or other operating systems, ignoring the potential strengths of other systems and the possible shortcomings of their own. The typical Mac user carries the same sort of hardheaded fanaticism that pervades certain religious, political leanings, and various other stronly opinionated groups.

The other day I was met with this gigantic flurry of opposition when I tried to suggest that perhaps the Toyota Prius was not as good as what we could possibly be making when it comes to environmentally-concsious vehicles. I have nothing against the Prius; I’ve ridden in several, and it’s a nice car. No one seemed to like the suggestion that maybe the mileage the Prius gets is due more to the shape of the vehicle rather than that fact that it’s a hybrid, or that it’s possible to get hybrid-like mileage out of a normal vehicle (done before with some cars in the 1980s).

At any rate, as someone who tries to understand others’ points of view (at least I think I am), it’s really difficult to deal with people who are so opinionated that they refuse to consider possible truths in other points of view. Basically what happens is, you give them an inch, and they give you … nothing. What a bother.

Man, I feel like Holden Caulfield.

Damn phonies.

dupdate 081025


So this entry is once again being written before I actually have an update; I kept meaning to draw some more sketches these past few days but y’know it’s kinda like that theory and practice thing… AKA they never got done. There’s still two days until I actually have to post this thing, but I got a test on Tuesday and I actually thing I’m screwed…

I’m not really motivated to post comics while I’m not actually getting any of them done, and I’m still not getting any of them done lately. I do have like… three sketches from my brief stint in painting during the past three weeks and I might just post those – screw how good or bad they are – if I don’t feel like turning out anything else.

I think I still haven’t written an entry on console gaming, but I’m feeling really little hate right now and don’t feel the need to vent. So that’s prolly it for this one (short one ain’t it?)… I’m going to try to sketch… (yeah right)

Ok, notes on today’s sketches. They’ve got numbers if you can read my shitty touchpad scrawl.

1) Don’t remember what I wanted to say about this one. Lousy drawing I suppose…
2) Saw some guy doing some badass hatching on DA; I’m trying something similar and failing miserably. First try though; I mean to try some more of this later,,,
3) Copy pasted from another piece of paper; just some practice for the colored piece from two weeks ago.
4) Didn’t get it done. I only have a scanner on weekends or Tuesday. Maybe next time.
5) Lineart from last week’s colored illustration.
6) Other candidate for coloring; still might get done in the future…
7) What my art looks like after three weeks of inactivity. Seriously.

Ok that’s it for today. I have a test in an hour. I’m hosed…



It’s not 2MB this time. Deal with it.

This update is actually being written before the actual painting is done! It’s in the “sit and wait” stage after the initial painting “stage” where I, well, obviously, let it sit for a while. Then I come back and see if there’s anything terribly wrong with it before it goes into the color-adjustment/touching up “stage”. This is kinda an experiment… nothing drastically different… I was doing some doodling last… Monday? Tuesday? Something like that; and it was going really slowly. I think I was commenting to J how it took me a hojillion hours to fill up a single page. Anyways, this illustration started out as a doodle on the following page; I think I’ve said before that the best art is usually the stuff you don’t think about too much… I just kinda ran with that this time.

At the lineart “stage” I almost went back on my first inclination and tried to do a nice lineart but I fell into one of those “trying to fix it too much” traps. After milling around there for a while I stopped and hashed out a fast one with my trusty 1pt pen. For a fast one it’s actually pretty good. I actually only moved away from my 1pt pen for two illustrations; this latest one doesn’t really bring anything new to the table, but I guess it’s a bit more polished.

At painting I once again tried to go back on my first inclication and tried to do a nice paint job… this time the Gods liked it apparently and while I did get tripped up a little on the third or fourth “patch” it was smooth sailing from there and I got the whole mess done in a reasonable time frame. Yay.

My general feelings are that the characters are done better than in the previous picture, but the whole composition leaves something to be desired… the BG (clearly) was done on impulse; since this started as a sketch, I never planned for there to be a BG; I just kinda blotted something done that hopefully wouldn’t take too much away from the whole thing. The little trim on the edge (it’s usually black, just FYI) is also an experiment; it’s actually the original sketch scaled down a bit less than the main illustration; I didn’t think the black looked very good – it needed to be more, I dunno, not solid.

At this point (which is seriously several hours after the first line of this update was written) the painting is pretty much done. I’m still not bought on how the whole thing works together, but that’s seriously nothing short of a complete overhaul can do – and that’s something I’m not going to do atm. This week I’ll probably just do some more sketches. Maybe I’ll actually get around to that comic page…

Uh, ok, that’s it for now. Have a nice day.