J237 – Nonsense Wars Business Card 2009

[5/13/2009] So, neither of us updated last week. Whoops. My excuse: I had two different projects due: A flash game I was making for one class and participating in a teleoperated robotics contest that is the predecessor of the well-known F*RST R***tics competition. Also, my computer suffered some sort of error making internet unusable, so I spent much of last week fixing it.

Anyway, today’s update is the Nonsense Wars “buisness” card we’ll be handing out at Fanime this year. I designed it with an eye towards the old site header bar:

We’ll probably have to play with the colors to get it to print properly. Also, I had to fake the metal effect on the “WARS” (Derek ran a filter last time, apparently), so it’s a bit different. Still, I like the composition and the way it turned out. I think I’m improving a bit with respect to coloring in OpenCanvas. Which is helpful, as I’ll need to turn out a few more colored works before Fanime rolls around…

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