J238 – RLRAoS: Cutting Business Cards

[5/26/2009] So, this is late. Sorry, I was taking finals, and then preparing for Fanime.

This comic actually happened while preparing for the con. Silly us, we didn’t think to print on business card paper or use special software, and so we cut them by hand on a paper cutter. That went as well as expected. We actually ran out of them on later days so we printed them as we went and cut them out with X-acto knives and scissors.

The con went pretty well, all in all. We were selling prints. We had brought a printer with the intention of printing as we went, but there wasn’t any power available for some bizarre reason. So the next day Derek rigged up this system to run the printer from a car battery, and we were able to print on the fly.

I’m not going to say how much we made, but suffice to say we doubled Derek’s expectations. Also, we only sold Derek’s stuff, none of mine~~

By the way, for you K-ON! fans, here’s a little something I made:

Yes, that’s a K-ON! light switch cover. With Mio. Small construction details here.

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