dcomic 509


So. Back to art for this entry.

So we’ve seen these before. This was my last set of general sketching tomfoolery before I ran the comic into the ground trying to finish it up. Now that it’s over, I can get back doodling. So I did some last night…

So ok, not quite as experimental as the last batch, but more or less the same; I just want to give a fair comparison for the next bit. This is done more in the style of what’s been done in the comic itself with only one flavor of (attemptedly) consistent shading. I think I said #4 in the first image was the best of that lot way back when I posted this in… November?

Anyway, I’ve been going on about putting an exponential amount of extra time into a drawing for a small increase in quality since d233. Well, here we go:

At this point, I think we cross the line between “sketch” and “finished drawing” (albeit in pencil). The figures in the first three images are probably like 15-30 minutes, whereas the two in the last image probably took 45-60 minutes; so we’re putting in like double the time for a small, but significant (I think at least) increase in quality. When your entire drawing time is only an hour, doubling ain’t bad, but if this were a colored piece, we’d be talking going from 5-10 hours to 10-20…

All the little splotches and shit are from my scanner. I think.

Ok, that’s it for now.


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