J268 – Shoe Ninja

[1/26/2010] One day late again. Or maybe not. If I declare my update day to be Tuesday, I’ve been on time for a few weeks now!

Aaand thus ends the “Beyond Common Sense”. If I had had J tie a potato to his wrist there could have been a stupid “Pwn de Terre!” pun for the attack name, but I didn’t, and thus a pun was avoided. Yay?

Stay tuned for more insanity!

J267 – The Hat’s There Just Because It Looks Cool

[1/19/2009] I had planned to save the title joke for another comic, but I really like title jokes.

In regards to the “favorite panel” activity Derek mentioned here, I chose some panels too, but I didn’t have time to post about them last week:

Derek’s comics aren’t really “funny”, so I chose based on technical difficulty and general awesomeness. On that basis, I choose the last panel of this comic. The missiles streaking into the sky, the angle, Mad Scientist J’s implied body langauge … it’s a work of art. Similarly, the angle in the first panel of this page is worthy of note.

Congratulations Derek, you can draw awesome combat scenes.

dcomic 529


Finally, another comic page today.

As I’ve mentioned, I don’t really feel like posting comics when I’m not in the mood to work on it, but I’m out of time and paintings, so here we go again.

Update for 10/01/18 – J’s update schedule means this doesn’t get posted until 11 days after the first line was written. Comics drawn up through 545; I’ve started on 546 too. Whoo.