dupdate 100222


The first part of this entry was actually written before last week’s post! It just didn’t get posted because of the thing with the TC4200. I was almost going to skip it again due to the thing with my WRT54G, but considering the break between part 7 and part 8, I figure this was appropriate.


Looking back (or rather, Google-searching the site), it seems like it’s been a long time since I last discussed the NW “reference collection”. It seems like I got the idea that I really did want such thing in d111, dated for November 2006! There’s another footnote in d113, dated just a few weeks later, suggesting that I actually started doing something and would like to finish it soon…

At any rate, this endeavor seems to have proven fruitful to some degree; for the past year or two, I have had a small biner full of copies of “stuff” relevant to the comic, including a couple character sheets and reference for location and ships, but generally fairly not comprehensive, and I didn’t use it that much. Hence, despite the slow evolution in “style”, you still get a slow evolution in the “content”. I think I’ve written about wanting to focus on making “content” more consistent, but I can’t find the entry for now…

That has led to what I consider a major overhaul of the reference collection. I have aimed to make it 1) consistent (with itself – some pages of the old reference collection contradicted themselves – ie, one picture of a symphonia class battleship didn’t look like another picture, etc), 2) digital, no more having to lug a silly binder around, 3) more comprehensive. This has resulted in “the big scan”, where I went through about five years of sketchbook and scanned out what I could use in the new storyline. That was about 100 pages total, and the whole experience made me realize just how slow effin scanners/scanner software is…

I have also redrawn a number of references which were previously inconsistent/incorrect. Each of the NW characters that’ll move forward into “season 2” get a new reference sheet, and I really made a point of drawing new references for ship classes like the Symphonia, Ultima, Enigma, etc, which have changed fairly drastically since their original 2002 form. The most time consuming thing to reference seems to have been the Aruku Reshivu. It has apparently taken me several pages of reference just to plan out one silly room…

So this week’s update actually consists of a couple of these new reference sketches. I have actually uploaded these before, but I do not believe I’ve posted ’em:

That last one is of the small ship that Lam has been using in the past couple pages, most visible here in d261. It’s actually another design that has its roots way, way back in elementary school, probably when I was in fifth grade. It’s interesting because the styling is ultimately pretty similar to that of the Aruku Reshivu, despite having been drawn many, many years in advance (and yes, the Reshivu is actually a recent design, not a rehash!). I’d post reference for the Reshivu, but there’s a few, and I’d prefer to save it for a single dump, maybe along with a post dedicated to said ship.

Anyway, you get the idea. Being of characters and stuff that are actually in the series right now, these are the most relevant; now I’m going to post a couple older pics, which, while less relevant, I thought were interesting.

This is a “map” of the Milky Way. It just shows the relative positions of earth (Sol on the map), Confederate League Systems 1, 3, and 53, the Orion belt and the Perseus arm. In this map, I’ve used a cartesian coordinate system, but J said that we should probably use a circular, or spherical one. I’m not sure which one I prefer; they both have their pros and cons…

Then we have a somewhat distorted “map” of Confederate League 1A, aka BKS “Jungle Planet”. When the first version of this map was done in 6th grade, this world was still known as “Comicland”, and for many years after, that’s what “CL” stood for. In this second (or maybe even third) revision, I’ve tried to consider plate tectonics, and I hope the geography is somewhat believable…


Last two pics are of the Confederate League capital complex on CL03A aka BKS “Main Planet”. This is another “thing” that was designed many, many years ago, possibly even before the original Bradly and Keno character designs. I was telling J how I really liked reusing old designs like this… it makes my childhood feel worthwhile and/or productive.

Ok, that’s it for now. Next week we get to hear about my WRT160N and maybe some of my other adventures on eBay…


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