dupdate 100417


Well, I haven’t been doing much comic-related drawing these days. Partially it’s because the updates haven’t been moving (and therefore, I’m not feeling pressured to keep the story moving) – thanks to a certain someone – and partially it’s just because I don’t really like this new storyarc already (as I have mentioned before).

I’m not too confident in my alternative story either, but we’ll hold that thought off for now.

I’m taking a one unit class right now that’s making me draw with pen. It’s something like “design sketching”, and I was originally going to try to get out of it since it meets way late at night, and I feel that my drawing is decent… but my good friend and roomate is taking it, so I said what the hell.

In retrospect I think that was a good choice, just to keep me in practice and possible help me “grow” a little.

Because using the pen suddenly doesn’t seem so bad. I’ve posted some of my rare forays into pen, but these are (as you can very obviously see) few and very, very far apart. I’ve just had this physical/mental blockade with pen for as long as I can remember (maybe it’s a little ironic as that first episode 1 of 1998 was done in ballpoint). I won’t say that that blockade is gone or anything, but for the first time in years I feel like I’ve made a little headway.

Anyway, this is the underside of an Inspiron 910. I felt like my first couple pages of penwork really went the way of my paintings (and possibly my general art style to an extent?); they’re “almost impressionistic” in a way. You can obviously tell what’s going on down there, but a closer inspection really just turns up scribbles. I’m not sure what the point was here, but here’s today’s actual drawing.

Ok, it’s kind of a stretch to say it’s more first “finished” drawing in pen, but it’s a start. This is (I believe) the first such drawing (not done digitally) since the final fantasy colored pencil mess of 2005. Speaking of colored pencil, I have some colored pencil stuff that ain’t too bad, but that’s for another time. Anyway, my marker work is pretty much shit, but I think the penning was passable here; it’s still “impressionistic”, but as I mentioned, that might just be the way I draw. There’s a light 6H pencil underlay, but it’s really just a grid, so I thought that was pretty good too.

But yeah, that’s probably it for this one. Watch for more traditional shit this quarter I guess.


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