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So this week, we’ve got a couple miscellaneous items.

First is an actual drawing-type thing, a “better” version of the marker business I did in d277.

The Symphonia has gotten quite a few changes between revisions; it’s a little annoying as I keep trying to stick with one model, but then I just have the urge to add more and flesh more out everytime I do something like this. The “exposed” reactors on the rear are new and I keep changing the pattern on the big center command module.

I did this one solely because I really wanted to use the little white out pen to draw the little lights on the dark side of the ship and the stars in the background. I think it turned out fairly well overall, though. What I’m really looking to do with my marker and ink is just to clean the stuff up; a lot of it is sketchier than I’d like, but it’s just hard when you can’t erase…

Anyway, enough of that.

So the last time this site was updated was apparently in July of 2005. And I mean the site itself, not our weekly updates, obviously. So obviously today’s topic is going to be talk about an update for the site itself (at least I think July 2005 is the update date, because I talk about the existence of an archive for the html pages, which shouldn’t exist unless we switched over to J’s current engine then – at the very least the update must have happened before 2006, as that’s when I started writing combined picture/entries).

But regardless, it’s been forever.

The current site runs on the J-engine which, regardless of flaws or whatever, really does work pretty well. I don’t think it’s actually broken short of me stretching the page all the time. But it IS kind of a pain to update: each update requires the mofification of several files per person; it IS kind of ugly; and the format isn’t really the best thing for what we’re doing these days. The whole thing really is kind of a legacy sort of deal; I think much of the design is still based on the original site version that I wrote way back in fall of 2004.

J and I decided (a while ago now) that a blog format would really be best for the way in which we update the site these days. A ton of times I update and J’s box is showing a dead image for the first half of the week and sometimes longer. Sometimes it’s the reverse. Then we don’t have the same number of updates and stuff is repeated, etc, etc. So it doesn’t work so well anymore.

Whatever the case, I’m trying to have the new version – version five, I think – fix all the problems mentioned, and anything else I can think of. The test site is here

I tried to keep much of the site styling the same, yet make it “updated” at the same time. We still have the same background and box and text colors, but the crappy banner, the courier, the blue links, the tri-box post layout, and the static elements on the main page are gone. This version runs WordPress, so a lot of things that the J engine had to take care of are now offloaded to the new engine. We can tag posts and sort them and edit them conveniently, and at least for my end, transferring all the posts into the WP database shouldn’t be that hard either.

There’s more, but I haven’t really totally gathered my thoughts about this just yet, but the short story is new site soon. Possibly.

J276 – Awesomefruit; First Bite

[5/19/2010] Finally back in California! Now that I am free of projects and finals, I’ll actually get some time to draw. Booyah!

This week’s comic was inspired by real events that occurred while haning out with people from Anime Club, but the only part that actually happened was the very first panel of “Awesomfruit”. It’s sort of like the toaster pastry arc, in that it began with a real event but then built off of it.

This one was done all in ink too, which was really fun; I particularly enjoyed the second panel of “Awesomefruit” and the first and last panel of “First Bite”. I guess I just like high-contrast pictures?

Anyway, time to draw some color pictures for Fanime. If any of you are coming to Fanime, swing by the Nonsense Wars table, whose location I don’t know yet. Ciao~



I have an essay due in 15 hours, but at the moment, I’d rather write this entry.

Today’s update… I’ve been talking about it since December, but it’s finally, finally done and not a month too soon with Fanime coming up in a couple weeks. DMG 2009 done in 2010; probably better described as “2009-2010” as it’s kind of a hybrid or something of the sort.

This really is a piece that’s been on the cutting board forever. The lineart was actually put down in the same batch as the doodles posted in d241, and the intent to paint it probably spawned at about the same time. But at the end of 2009, I decided to paint my Tales 2009 series first. The folder for this illustration is C091229, the date on which I decided I really did want a DMG 2009 and scanned the sketch, possibly with the intent of finishing the piece before the year’s end.

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Well, whoda thought… another painting this week. This has actually been on my to do list (albeit way, way near the bottom – other painting(s) that were supposed to be done ahead of it include the long lost DMG 2009), but J decided to be cool and bump it way up. Like ahead of that essay I should be writing now.

But let’s forget about that essay since we’re writing this entry anyway and get to the paint.

I like this one. I actually like this one a lot. Since I was spending time that really wasn’t going to be allocated to painting, I really wanted it to be worth the time, and I think I pulled it off. Better than Yuki 2010. Better than Raine & Tear 2009. Is it really better than Misaka Mikoto 2009… I dunno; I still think the paint in that one is fantastic in its own right.

But wholistically, I like this one more.

Completely not a contributing factor to why I like it more is the fact that the lineart is done in ink. Real ink. Like I drew it in pencil, drew on it in ink, and scanned it. That kind of ink. There’s a couple spots touched up in OpenCanvas, but the majority of the work is the work done on paper.

This is the first time I’ve done final lineart in ink since… maybe never? The last time I didn’t trace lineart in OpenCanvas was in Haruhi 2007. Look, you can consider Yuki there to be my Yuki 2007. Prior to 2007, though, it seems like I was pretty confident with my pencil linearts…

Anyway, enough of that tangent. What I think this week’s piece finally does real well is colors. The multiple lighting in Misaka Mikoto 2009 really makes for some nice reds/yellows/oranges next to and merging into dark greys (I don’t really have a better way to put that), but it’s not really executed consistently. I really like the pinkish orange reddish blotches around the candles and oil lamp too, but less so fond of the dark orange “trim” on the foreground stuff, and I could go on and on, but I won’t.

Yuki was supposed to bring that kind of work on color together with some “tighter” lineart and painting, but somehow it just didn’t happen, and as I mentioned last week, Yuki just has relatively mediocre lineart and color. And those oversaturated books.

But this time. This time things went differently. Now that I think about it a little, the lineart may have turned out well because I knew I wasn’t going to digitally ink it, and therefore had to suck it up and do a good job on the paper iteration. As I’ve mentioned before, I usually end up doing a ton of adjustments in OC thanks to my rough paper work in paintings, and I think I might lose a lot of the lineart’s original “character” doing that. With the ink, it might be less.

With Yuki I originally intended to add the second light source after doing everything with the first, and I got lazy or something. It just involved a lot of going back and redoing shit I didn’t want to redo, so the monitor that was supposed to pushing soft blue light got turned off. With this week’s the red and blue lighting went on at the same time, and I just laid down a single layer for the background. Nothing tedious and fancy like the books or candles, but I think it works well in this context.

And I think that red and blue really helps. I really like some of the parts on her shirt and sleeve where you’ve got a purple core and orange/red and blue flanking it. They’re also just colors I don’t think I use too often. Blue is at least. I also think the paint job looks “tighter” because the size of the brush being used it’s small compared to the size of the figure, at least relative to Yuki and some of the Tales 2009 series.

As with Yuki, I also eyeballed the colors from reference pictures (rather than taking them straight off) and didn’t save a palette. Unlike Yuki, it didn’t take all week.

It’s Senjougahara, from Bakemonogatari, btw.

There’s also a marker version, which kinda sucks.

That’s all for today.

J275 – Sketch Flood

Just some sketches I’ve done in the past few weeks that I’ve failed to update on time.

So disappointed in myself right now.

A sketch from when I started playing around with the dip pens I bought. Some of the nibs (pen tips) I don’t really get along with; I’ve settled on a few I like though. This was me playing around to figure out which ones agreed with me.

More recent playing around. Some of these sketches are with a pen that is thin and pointy, so it can draw lines that are thin but expressive. The demon-girl is done with a very stiff pen that can go “up the page” and produces consistent lines.

This character might actually appear at some point in the future. Not in Nonsense Wars, but I have a story planned that needs someone like this.

Some pencil work. Was sitting around chillaxing with some MIT Anime Club folks, but I didn’t have any art supplies with me so I borrowed some paper and went at it.

Ball-point-penwork, from a similar situation as above. This one was drawn as a response to someone’s complaint that a lot of the guys she knew (including me) drew demons instead of pretty girls. ‘Course, I like to think I draw demons and pretty girls at the same time, but people got tired of demon girls with crazy arms or whatever I guess. So here’s an ordinary girl, with arms shown to prove they’re ordinary. She’s holding cans of “Bozz”. Must be the beer division of Schwop.

Last one, drawn last sunday. Lesser Demon, looking badass again. I’ve been drawing her looking cool lately for a change. Kinda fun. There was some annoying bleeding of the ink when I was doing this, but I think I fixed it okay.

[5/4/2010] So, this is what balancing my courses and other commitments is like

1. Get like 10 or so air-filled balloons.
2. Toss them all in the air.
3. If any of them hit the ground, you die.
4. You can only keep them up in the air with the hair drier you have.

Yeah, it’s kinda like that.

Also, this is update number 300. THREE HUNDRED!

“This is madness!”

“Madness…? Nay.”