J275 – Sketch Flood

Just some sketches I’ve done in the past few weeks that I’ve failed to update on time.

So disappointed in myself right now.

A sketch from when I started playing around with the dip pens I bought. Some of the nibs (pen tips) I don’t really get along with; I’ve settled on a few I like though. This was me playing around to figure out which ones agreed with me.

More recent playing around. Some of these sketches are with a pen that is thin and pointy, so it can draw lines that are thin but expressive. The demon-girl is done with a very stiff pen that can go “up the page” and produces consistent lines.

This character might actually appear at some point in the future. Not in Nonsense Wars, but I have a story planned that needs someone like this.

Some pencil work. Was sitting around chillaxing with some MIT Anime Club folks, but I didn’t have any art supplies with me so I borrowed some paper and went at it.

Ball-point-penwork, from a similar situation as above. This one was drawn as a response to someone’s complaint that a lot of the guys she knew (including me) drew demons instead of pretty girls. ‘Course, I like to think I draw demons and pretty girls at the same time, but people got tired of demon girls with crazy arms or whatever I guess. So here’s an ordinary girl, with arms shown to prove they’re ordinary. She’s holding cans of “Bozz”. Must be the beer division of Schwop.

Last one, drawn last sunday. Lesser Demon, looking badass again. I’ve been drawing her looking cool lately for a change. Kinda fun. There was some annoying bleeding of the ink when I was doing this, but I think I fixed it okay.

[5/4/2010] So, this is what balancing my courses and other commitments is like

1. Get like 10 or so air-filled balloons.
2. Toss them all in the air.
3. If any of them hit the ground, you die.
4. You can only keep them up in the air with the hair drier you have.

Yeah, it’s kinda like that.

Also, this is update number 300. THREE HUNDRED!

“This is madness!”

“Madness…? Nay.”


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