I have an essay due in 15 hours, but at the moment, I’d rather write this entry.

Today’s update… I’ve been talking about it since December, but it’s finally, finally done and not a month too soon with Fanime coming up in a couple weeks. DMG 2009 done in 2010; probably better described as “2009-2010” as it’s kind of a hybrid or something of the sort.

This really is a piece that’s been on the cutting board forever. The lineart was actually put down in the same batch as the doodles posted in d241, and the intent to paint it probably spawned at about the same time. But at the end of 2009, I decided to paint my Tales 2009 series first. The folder for this illustration is C091229, the date on which I decided I really did want a DMG 2009 and scanned the sketch, possibly with the intent of finishing the piece before the year’s end.

Obviously that didn’t happen. Apparently I got the lineart done, but something must’ve stopped me from finishing, and I don’t quite remember what it was, but the painting was put on hold.

When I started doing Yuki 2010, I honestly thought DMG 2009 would become an “abandoned” project, like a certain color_something or another folder that’s been sitting on my drives since 2006. That one also has lineart done, but since it’s 2006 lineart, I obviously don’t feel like finishing it, and probably never will. I thought something like that would happen to this DMG 2009. As I said, I wasn’t planning on doing another painting after Yuki, not to mention two, but apparently it happened.

I’m glad I did, though; Senjougahara 2010 really makes me happy, and so does this finally complete DMG 2009, though it doesn’t make me quite as happy.

I do believe part of my rationale for using a sketch instead of a purpose-drawn lineart for painting in DMG 2009 was just sheer laziness. I wasn’t going to come up with anything good between December 29th and January 1st. But on the other hand, I do believe I considered the point that I made last week: that the purpose-drawn linearts for paintings often just don’t turn out as good as the sketches, largely because of redrawing or whatnot. And with the DMG paintings as “benchmarks”, I’m just trying to get the best I can muster…

The justification for finally getting thing done was to see if I could actually replicate what I’d done with Senjougahara. I was a little concerned that she’d be something of a one off for now, much like Mikoto from early 2009. To that end, I think DMG actually does pretty well; especially given that I really rushed a lot of it just to get it done (because I really do need to write that essay). Lineart could probably be stronger (shoulda done a pen on pencil, obviously XD), but I ended up making a ton of adjustments in OC, despite trying to keep the “flavor” of the orignial sketch. Paint was close to Senjougahara’s level, but like I said, I think I rushed it a bit. Finally, I threw in a shitty background just to help it out, and I really think that helps a lot. If I Philia 2009 had even a craptastic background like this, I don’t think I would’ve been so inclined to do Yuki 2010 when I did.

So yeah, not bad. Not good enough to unseat Senjougahara, but possibly better than Yuki.

Of course, there’s an obligatory comparison to the DMGs of before. This time around I made a nice graphic:

I didn’t mention it last time, but the jump from 2003 (first on the right) to 2004 is fantasitc. No matter that it’s like early 2003 vs mid 2004, the difference is quite frankly staggering. At the same time – and I did mention this last time – the crappiness of the 2006 pic (center) compared to the two around it is almost as bad. The 2008 is actually pretty nice, too; 2009 is really only better on the basis of color, but color, as I’ve said before, is important, nevermind the more painstaking paint job on 2008.

Speaking of color, it’s really quite amazing what a little bit of color adjustment can do.

I mentioned doing color adjustments on older pictures a couple updates ago (maybe more) just to see the result, and I got around to it. The 2006 picture is pretty crappy, but with a little bit of gamma, red, and contrast…

… well it’s still crappy. But it’s better! And all that vibrancy with just a couple clicks. It’s like a drug. Doesn’t work quite as well on the pencil mess of 2003, but still…

… maybe it’s a little better. Maybe.

Finally, I made a comment a couple updates ago about the slow, slow progress on improving the drawing and possibly paintings specifically. Well, it might not be that surprising. I was looking at my DeviantART, and it occurred to me that between Haruhi 2007 and Senjougahara, I’ve done less than 20 paintings. Considering there are a hojillion between Haruhi and say, my first OC painting, the amount of progress made between both sets is probably quite comparable… the relative 2007 to 2010 progress might even be greater.

But enough of this post, I wanna watch some animu and sleep.

And then write my essay. FML.


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