J276 – Awesomefruit; First Bite

[5/19/2010] Finally back in California! Now that I am free of projects and finals, I’ll actually get some time to draw. Booyah!

This week’s comic was inspired by real events that occurred while haning out with people from Anime Club, but the only part that actually happened was the very first panel of “Awesomfruit”. It’s sort of like the toaster pastry arc, in that it began with a real event but then built off of it.

This one was done all in ink too, which was really fun; I particularly enjoyed the second panel of “Awesomefruit” and the first and last panel of “First Bite”. I guess I just like high-contrast pictures?

Anyway, time to draw some color pictures for Fanime. If any of you are coming to Fanime, swing by the Nonsense Wars table, whose location I don’t know yet. Ciao~


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