dupdate 100621


I started hosting non-comic files on my own back in like 2007 for a number of reasons. After shuffling hosts a couple times, the main NW site wouldn’t let me browse directories without ftp access, so I didn’t want to host there. Then I was super-pissed off when maj.com changed its hostname and screwed every link to every file I had hosted there.

So I started hosting on my own since then and it’s been working alright.

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dcomic 539


transferring all the posts into the WP database shouldn’t be that hard either.

This was a complete and utter understatement. To the point of “famous last words”. Transferring all the posts has taken so, so, SO long, it’s just ridiculous. Maybe upward of a solid day of man hours; J and myself spent at least 4 hours each one day and transferred like… 100 posts. Out of some 500+. Eventually I figured out that doing all of my posts and then all of J’s posts would take less time; I did about 75 posts this morning in 2 hours, which is really good comparatively.

Because of this mess, I haven’t made a new post for some three weeks. So I’m going to try to put enough shit in this post to make up for it. Three update’s worth of content shouldn’t be too hard to come by…

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J277 – Blinded by the Light

[6/5/2010] So, I’ve been on this sort of quest to draw things with extreme lighting, so I suppose this was the next logical step. Black-and-white drawing is kind of fun actually. Though I’ve learned to put stuff under the drawing so as to keep the permanent marker I use for shading from seeping through…

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go sleep off some of the noxious fumes I’ve inhaled.