dupdate 101027


Busy quarter. Haven’t really been able to work on the comic or anything related. I’ve switched from from Mountain Dew to Green Tea Ginger Ale, though.

The second project in one of my two big project classes has to do with skateboards. So here are some doodles from said class, done about two weeks ago.

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J287 – Pumpkin Carving 2010

My dorm had a pumpkin-carving event again this year! I made my own patterns, headed down to the dining hall (which isn’t actually used for dining, as there’s no kitchen), and found…

There were no pumpkin carving saws!

Essentially, pumpkin saws are a short, fine-toothed saw blade used for carving pumpkins (see here for some examples). The main advantage they have over knives is that they have a lot more finesse so you can carve detailed patterns.

So, all they had were paring knives … but as you can see I still managed to pull off the above pattern. There were some mistakes, of course … (note the pins in the wings)

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dcomic a39


Whoo… halfway! Ten more weeks or so until I have to have some sort of contingency plan thought up. I’ve been mulling about three options for now: a continuation of the “main” NW storyline, a pseudo continuation of Pieces, and then possibly a series of one-shots. I actually like the idea of a Pieces continuation because it sets up a premise with a couple possibilities that doesn’t have much baggage – the continuation can stand alone, but Pieces itself will add to it, rather than explain needed background info.

I would really like to have that continuation be open-ended, but I feel myself ever the more so trying to plan the entire thing.

There was going to be more to this post, but I’m busy. So that’s that.

dcomic a38


This page is actually one of those pages that was drawn out of chronological order. Last week’s comic, a37, is dated for 100721; this week’s comic, a38, is dated for 100821. Yes, it might just be that a took a month long break here, but next week’s comic is dated for 100723. I don’t actually think I’ve done this before (drawn story pages out of chronological order) Pieces, so I guess it’s a footnote worth mentioning.

So this post is kind of a followup to the x200t posts in d287 and d288.

I talked about “thin client” and “non-thin client” battery life tests in d287, and said that some nine hours for the TC test was probably ridiculous. Well, after noting battery usage for about two weeks though, I think I’m going to change my mind on that. For the thin-client test, I’ve averaged about 5.77 minutes per %, 8.71 minutes per WHr, or 9.61 hours total runtime on 6.88W.

For the “real” Internet test, I’ve averaged about 4.6 minutes per %, 6.94 minutes per WHr, or 7.67 hours total runtime on 8.6W. That figure might be a bit pessimistic.

This post originally had a “more” tag, but it turned out to be short. So nothing. This post was also written like a week before the post date. I’m going to write next week’s update now.