J293 – Strike Witches Top Hat

So, recently, the MIT Anime Club had an event, “Snooty Anime Discussion Hour”. I quote here the event description:

“It’s like the Internet without the flaming and trolling! Join fellow fans in discussing current and exciting issues in anime, fandom, and the industry in a forum-like setting. Or just sit in and learn more about our favorite medium! Tea and snacks provided.”

Of course, as it’s a snooty anime discussion hour, there must be hats. So I made this one with my friend TV&:

I didn’t actually wear this one (I had a large pirate hat), but it was for my friend wah, who runs this blog here.

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dcomic a45


And in today’s comic, Dogma class SHDs. The bridge is actually modeled after that of the Declaration class airships in the older Directorate storyline, though within the context of the story, the reverse is most likely the case. Only a couple more of Pieces to go and I have to think of something else clever…

This week I finally took some pics to supplant my long delayed post about power line networking.

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