J293 – Strike Witches Top Hat

So, recently, the MIT Anime Club had an event, “Snooty Anime Discussion Hour”. I quote here the event description:

“It’s like the Internet without the flaming and trolling! Join fellow fans in discussing current and exciting issues in anime, fandom, and the industry in a forum-like setting. Or just sit in and learn more about our favorite medium! Tea and snacks provided.”

Of course, as it’s a snooty anime discussion hour, there must be hats. So I made this one with my friend TV&:

I didn’t actually wear this one (I had a large pirate hat), but it was for my friend wah, who runs this blog here.

Some details about the construction:

The core of the hat is soft foam. TV& and I spent an evening wrapping it up with duct tape. The logo’s just printed out and stuck on. The bottom of the hat has an elastic chinstrap, since it’s so top-heavy:

And now, other pictures from the event. wah in the hat:


Coming up: Exquisite corpses. Oh so many exquisite corpses.