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This month on Nonsense Wars…

J should actually be pretty much done with classes now. Hopefully we’ll see an update from him.

This is the last page of Pieces! Very much like the end of the NW arc, it’s very late, but that’s only partially my fault this time.

Having been able to sit on this for a while, I actually still think that this is the longest I’ve been satisfied with a short story (or even a long story) like this after I’ve written it (this was actually finished before the academic year). At the same time, that may just be because I haven’t drawn crap since then. There’s too much other shit to do, and J’s slacking off hasn’t helped much either – I daresay usually I feel much more motivated to do my own drawing when he says he’s working on his.

This is really random, but I was doing some space de-fragmenting in my room, and managed to break the nose piece off of the Kagurazaka. When I was putting it back together it occurred to me just how long that thing has been around. The last referenced post in the search link indicates that it was complete in January of 2006. That’s more than half a decade!

It’s a little less surprising that this year marks the 10th anniversary of 9/11. It’s more surprising that it’s been 8 years since Columbia. Or even more surprising that the 2000 Concorde crash was 11 years ago (somehow that always seems like it happened much after 9/11). I actually listened to the captain of Flight 1549 talk on the radio the other day.

Well, that’s probably it for now. It’s crunch time this quarter.