J307 – Touhou Sketch 7

This time it’s Hakurei Reimu, the main character (?). You can listen to one of her themes here.

While drawing her sleeve-thingies, I had the feeling that I’d drawn something like them before. It’s probably because they’re some combination of Vocaloid sleeve thingies and Inuyasha’s sleeves.

In terms of drawing characters who are mentioned in the “Relationships” section of the previous character on the Touhou wiki, we’ve probably reached the nodes with the most lines coming out of them now…

dupdate 110628


I’m looking out the window of my work place and seeing rain. In June. Not even like the beginning of June, but June 28th. This is actually pretty ridiculous. I wonder abut my commute later today.

Anyway, I was sure that J was going to use this as his update before today, but since he hasn’t and I’m working on a painting now, I will.

This monstrosity, made even more monstrous by my modification of the frame, is basically a rubber band Gatling gun built from KNEX. Each unit on the carousel is a modified, compacted version of this, which can hold eight “rounds”. With eight units, the gun has a capacity of 64 rounds, which it can discharge in… well TBD.

More pictures to come later, especially if we fix it up this weekend.