dupdate 110626


Today’s update was a ginormous time sink and probably not worth it.

This is all really fuzzy, but while today’s “finished” pencil drawing “feels” more substantial, I like the one in d317 more. That one is just less “blah”. I think part of the reason is that today’s picture more closely follows a format that I not fully consciously use when doing figure and non-figure drawings: figure, transport, building, foreground to background. In d317, I’ve put the “landscape” in front of the ship, and that shuffle helps. Similarly, in the Pieces painting I just go figure and background, and that shuffle helps too.

The more varied scaling of last d317’s illustration might help too.

It occurred to me just how little drawing I’ve done lately when I was lying in bed last night. If you put it in numbers, since November of 2010, I’ve done 30 sketchbook pages, 2 paintings, 0 comic pages, and a smattering of stuff in and for classes. In 2006, there were something like 30 paintings alone. Even last year, when I did 5 paintings, I thought “well, it can’t get much worse than that”, but this year I’m on track to do 1 by mid-year. And that’s if it gets done. I’m in the “I kind of know what I want to do” phase at the moment.

I also realized just how seemingly appalling inkjet printers are. I bought a black cartridge rated for “200 pages” for my crappy printer in January. I decided to keep track of how many pages I could actually get out of it because I’m just like that. I was actually thinking I’d get more than the rated number because I only print shipping labels and text, all at “draft” quality. Well, six months later (a couple weeks ago), I got a grand total of 145 pages before the cartridge completely ran out (as in you print a black-text only page and it spits out a white page).

I bought a new cartridge at WalMart for $14, which leaves me at about 10 cents per page. That’s how much it costs to print on Stanford’s cluster printers.

So basically you save no money with your own printer, but it’s still very convenient. Just having a printer in my room at home is way, way better than having to use the network printer upstairs.