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Quite some time ago, I posted about something I saw in the Chobits anime. Well, as of this week, it exists! Unfortunately it costs more than all my laptops combined, and I don’t really have any room for one… but I can dream. Minoru’s seems like a 27 or 30 incher though. In some strange way, it’s surprising how accurately we predict the future.

Between some reading, Transport Tycoon, and the usual distractions, I actually have been drawing, too…

This is, as is the case once in a while, something different. My sister is trying to learn how to draw, so I’ve just been tagging along and working off of the same reference drawings. I’d say the last time I did anything remotely similar was back in 2009.

This is actually the first one of this lot, and as these things tend to go, it is, sadly, probably one of the better ones. For whatever reason, I got/get thrown off doing “real” faces, and didn’t/don’t draw in my “usual” way. I think being particularly deliberate about how I did each part of this one made/makes it better than some of the others… something like that?

Without a face, I start reverting to my “usual” ways (less use of the side-of-a-pencil shading, I suppose?), which gives me a faster draw time and, I think, an overall better result, but it less reflects exactly what’s happening in the reference picture. Obviously the solution is some sort of compromise, but as my friend Doug always says, “when you compromise, everyone loses”.

When I try to formalize process that’s not my normal method, things start to look crappier. You can see that in the first pair of shoes, too.

I actually have a considerable amount of content backlogged, despite not having drawn an actual comic in what seems like years. They’re just going up slowly as, without J’s updates, I’m not really feeling any pressure.