J315 – Wake-Up Call

This took way longer than it should have. In fact, I was going to update on Saturday, but a nasty cascade of events happened:

1. Photoshop fails to start.
2. Reboot, launch PS again, scan.
3. Spend about an hour looking for the stylus for my tablet so I can draw the speech bubble in the last panel.
4. Fail to find the stylus, reconnect scanner to scan in hand-drawn version.
5. PS crashes, taking all my work with it.

That said, I think that panel 2 and the last panel are some of the better panels I’ve drawn in a while (in b4 ‘lol J never updates’ jokes). I don’t think I would have been able to draw a sleeping pose at that angle before — staring at this image seems to have helped. The last panel is one of the best dynamic poses I’ve drawn in a while, and I regret not adding more speedlines on the bat to convey a sense of speed.

Anyway, now that I’m actually settled in somewhat, I might be able to post more. Next time: gadgets I’ve picked up recently.

d340 111015 Makise Kurisu 2011


Well, this update was originally scheduled at least for sometime in September, but with J not making any posts, I’m falling back on a more or less monthly update schedule for now. Today’s update (ultimately completed sometime in September, as mentioned in the last update) is like the fourth for this year.

As with the Tales 2011 painting, the lineart for Makise 2011 is a “complete” drawing by itself. While some of the scratch lines have that did not get contrasted away have been erased digitally, basically nothing has actually been added (unlike some older paintings where the entire lineart was basically redrawn). Furthermore, all of the painting is done on a single layer.

When I first said that I wanted to try doing a “proper” painting this way, I envisioned something on the lines of the character sketches, but I don’t think the last two paintings have turned out anything like that. I think they’ve turned out well in their own way, but it’s definitely a hybrid rather than a straight up “full-painting” implementation of the former.

I actually spent more time post-processing this than I would have thought. There’s a beta version with black gears, which I apparently didn’t like as much a month ago – in retrospect I think both are fine (though it might have been a close call back then as well).

Since we’re kind of failing on the update side of things, I’ll try to add a couple more tidbits into this one to make up for it. I don’t know why this one never made it onto the site, but toward the end of summer, J and I (after our Gatling gun) also made a K’Nex clock, which, although kept time fairly well, only had a run time of a couple tens of minutes.

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