d355 120610 Fate Testarossa 2012


(This is a merger of what was originally two posts)

I said last time that 2012 was a good year for painting, but it’s really an unprecedented turnaround. From a high of about 20 in 2006, the number of paintings per year (not counting test paintings, etc) had dropped to just 5 in 2011, and there weren’t really any good ones either. Bucking this trend, 2012 has seen 13 paintings in just 6 months, and there have been maybe 4 that I’ve really liked. Fate 2012 is the 4th.

This painting is more or less a flat out redraw of Fate 2008, because I’m feeling really creative these days. Unlike the original, it is faux cell-shaded; I say faux because it is really just me drawing and coloring the shaded parts in OpenCanvas. The colors are also ripped from the older painting; I’m not quite sure what I should be doing as far as choosing master/secondary colors in a cell-shade situation.

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