d358 120927 Misc Paintings


Well, it is nearing the end of the month, so I better finish up this post and put it up. This post covers some painting experiments from the past few weeks (months?).

One of the things I don’t like about cell-shading is that you can end up having large expanses of flat color. In traditional painting I end up blending a set of primary colors into such spaces, and this first painting is an attempt to do the same in a cell-shade. Needless to say, it’s kind of rubbish; this is a full-sized painting, but it doesn’t really deserve to be one.

In d353 I talked about how I had been doing a bad job balancing “hard” and “soft” divides. The second painting is a full-sized painting aimed at working on striking a good balance, and I think it does a pretty good job. This Tales of Graces alternate costumes is in the same sort of spirit as the Tales of the Abyss alternate costumes from 2007.

This painting is also the first painting an ink-drawn lineart, and I really think it looks a lot cleaner and smoother than the ink-finished linearts I had been doing up until I started drawing in ink. As is often the case with pathfinding paintings, I felt the need to document at the backdraw stage and at the lineart stage. As noted in my first ink drawing post, the backdraw here is pure HB.

There’s two more experiments “hidden” in this painting. The first is the tree, which is an all-paint element done from scratch. It is actually my third attempt, and I think it’s pretty decent considering that the first and second were much more rubbish. The second experiment is the light-through-the-trees effect on Asbel in the lower left corner. I wasn’t sure how well that effect was going to go over, which is why I isolated it to a small corner of this painting.

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