Weekend (mis)Adventures 1: RC Planes

IT’S A POST BY J!!!!!!!

Ahem. Anyway, now that I’m back on the same side of the country as D, we try to get together every weekend to do something. At some point we figured we might as well document some of what we’re doing and put it on Nonsense Wars. That’s the entire point of having a blog/website right?

Step 1: Do stuff.
Step 2: Take photos of yourself doing stuff.
Step 3: Post photos of yourself doing stuff to internet. Maybe write about yourself doing stuff.
Step 4: Do more stuff.

Some of you might object that “??? […] Profit!” is missing. That’s not how the internet works for most people.

Anyway, on to Step 3!


A Chick-fil-A recently opened up near my place, so Derek and I tried to go there on Sunday. After failing that, we picked up some lunch from somewhere else, then went to the local hobby shop, where D bought an RC plane, a Gamma 370.



I went over to D’s place and we drove over to a park where we thought we could fly the plane, only to be greeted by an empty dirt lot and construction vehicles. After driving some more, we wound up at Mitchell Park in Palo Alto, found a clear field … then realized we had forgotten to bring AA batteries for the transmitter.



D came over, and we tried to fly in the local park. We wound up breaking a lot of propellers and bending the motor shaft, mostly because the so-called “prop saver” functionality didn’t do anything. The idea is that the propeller comes off the motor shaft in a crash, but that didn’t work at all because the motor shaft still passed through the propeller. D wound up cutting off the bent part of the shaft so that the propeller could come off more easily.



D convinced me to buy a plane. The entire hobby shop was discounted for Black Friday, so I bought some other stuff too. Anyway, I bought a Stick 75 because I remember seeing someone fly a plane long ago that looked like it, and it was super controllable. This one was too, seeing as it’s basically a stick with a motor on it. On the other hand, I’m kind of disappointed that it only has two channels. D eventually learned how to fly his plane (Although we lost the landing gear today). Here’s some footage:


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