d388 Drawing Miscellany


Well, I dunno how much more I’m going to post given that J seemingly isn’t anymore, but here’s one more for the road.

So I guess I’ll start off with some sketches. These go back to February, which I guess is like two “cycles” ago. These days I’m better at drawing a little all the time, rather than in big fits and bursts, but there are still lulls between what I’m calling cycles.

Suddenly I noticed that I’m a lot better at having curved lines in my figures than I was before. This was not something I’d ever actively practiced – in fact at one point I thought it was stylistic to have these angular linearts. Though I didn’t point it out because I didn’t notice, you can actually see a good deal of progression in my art evolution omnibus of 2009.

For whatever reason I felt like drawing Gunslinger Girl. This is one of a few. The last time was December 2005.

One of those juxtapositions of old and new… here she has a Victorian dress (copied from I don’t remember where), a mobile device, and headphones (thank you K-On). And yes, she is getting into a GT1; this GT1 has solid rims instead of the chromed, old truck style rims I’d been doing ’til now. Because I like solid rims.

Using a laptop.

J and I talked about like designing brands and objects for the BKS/CL universe… this has basically become the standard notebook of the Confederate League because it’s the only one I’ve made so far. It’s made in the image of my ideal convertible tablet. Whether or not there would actually be laptops in an advanced civilization is debatable…

Then I tried to make a good painting, and it was mediocre. This is the second remake of “Discipline” (consider it a Nonsense Wars 10th anniversary illustration), and I spent a lot of time on all digital background just to have the figures turn out, well, mediocre and bring the whole thing down. I really like the clouds though.

As in turns out, while I was optimistic about finally hitting my stride for paintings early last year, I’m really still not that consistent, as I still keep trying different things. In fact, after Estelle 2013, I had two good paintings, followed by a huge string of “bleh” and “mediocre”… the next “good” painting didn’t come until maybe Shinku/Colette 2013. Since then there have still been a number of experimental/mediocres…

That being said, once every so often something comes around that earns the title of “best painting”, and I’ll give it to the DMG 2014 painting (the first pic of the post). Dark Magician Girl kind of got me started in drawing figures, so I used to do a lot of them as benchmarks, but I guess I cared less when evolution slowed. The background is lazy (it’s actually from this piece of crap, but textures make everything look better), but I think the lineart is really strong (the most important thing), and the paint/colors are solid. I am still trying to figure out how to best utilize the ability to color linearts.

That’s it for now…

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