d389 Drawing Troll Comic


Well folks, it’s a couple years late, but this is, officially, the final Nonsense Wars post. J and I have reached the consensus that we will no longer be updating NW (if that wasn’t obvious already, but hey, now it’s official). All NW posts will continue to be made available for viewing on this archive site.

Going forward you can follow J at his Tumblr, and you can follow me on my DeviantART or visit my site, which is intended to be “a loose index of various content I have on the Internet as well as a casual dump of content that doesn’t belong elsewhere”. For various reasons I have moved/copied a handful of NW posts there as well.

Now, about the troll comic: in 2012 (yes, more than four years ago) we tried drawing silly 4komas on a super large sheet of paper, and this was the result. J never got around to posting it due to whatever. But then maybe it’s fitting for the last NW post: it’s a comic, it’s sloppy, and it’s late (but hey, better late than never, right?).

The super large sheet of paper is about 33″ x 27″, so it was difficult to get it into digital form. I think originally J was going to post it as a photo with mouseover areas such that you could see the text, but just this last weekend we tried to see if we could get something better. We tried taking a better photo, and ultimately decided to scan it in small chunks, since the bed of J’s scanner is only about A4. All in all it probably wasn’t worth it: the scans came out really inconsistently and you still can hardly make out the text. As such, I am putting a transcript beneath the comic.

Panel 1,1 (Col, Row):
J: Let’s draw a giant 4-panel comic!
D: Great idea!

Panel 1,2:
*Le drawing*
D: I thought this was the sadness?

Panel 1,3:
J: NOPE.AVI, it’s about drawing a 4-panel comic.
D: But what about the sadness?

Panel 1,4:
J: Can it.
D: This is not funny at all.

Panel 2,1:
*Drawing comics like a boss*
Fuck Yeah.
J: You know, you’ll be sad if that ink and water spill.

Panel 2,2:
J: Put this tray under the cup and ink to avoid sadness.
D: Okay
*Drip tray of sadness*

Panel 2,3:
J: Look out, impending sadness!

Panel 2,4:
J: I’m just going to move the sadness to the table.
D: Just shut up already.

So that’s the troll comic. But wait, there’s more! For the tenth anniversary of NW we made a small graphic of D drawing J and J drawing D. This of course didn’t get posted, as it was in September 2014 (we started in September 2014), already several months after my last post, but here it is as well:

And that’s a wrap. Til next time.

d374 dcomic a63 a64


Lolwut, comic pages. This post has been pending since April, but other stuff got in the way.

So this year marks the 10th anniversary of the end of the legacy era (regardless if I consider 185 or 193 as the end of such), the point at which I decided to “get serious” about drawing. At the beginning all of my drawing efforts were concentrated at improving comic pages, and those eventually got better in fits and bursts before the quality leveled out at about comic 500-510, the start of the “great consistency”.

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d349 120319 Legacy Comic Redux 2012


I didn’t actually intend to write a post between the last one and the next one, but I drew stuff when I should have been studying so here it is. It’s written kind of funny in that all my rambling comes before the pics, so I’m putting the break here.

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d348 110925 More Test Paintings

[120222] – [120311]

Today’s painting is the last of a series of three test paintings (the other two were posted last time). It’s a merged lineart painting, but I basically merged the lineart later in the painting process, and painted over a small portion. The drawing is actually dated for September of last year, almost six months ago. There was a small part painted sometime between now and September, and it was fast becoming a “dead” painting when I finished it up a few weeks ago.

I think the primary difference between this and 120131 is the point at which I decided to merge the lineart with the painting… in the older painting I intended to overwrite the pencil lineart entirely; in the newer painting I just wanted to get rid of it where it stood out the most. I think the reason I took these screens was to indicate when I merged; you can see that it’s much earlier in the latter.

Not quite sure how this sequence will affect future paintings yet; hopefully I’ll get to mess around a bit more over break.

I’m on page 4 of my originally 10-15, then 12, now 6 page one-shot, and it’s occurred to me that, for a while now, I’ve been drawing “new style” longer than I had been drawing “old style” (the division between “new” and “old” being comic 193). Whether this is really significant or now, I don’t really know, but it was just surprising when I thought about it. It’s like one of those time-will-pass-you-by-if-you’re-sleeping sort of things.

I’m actually writing this update because I was angry at a panel on page 4, but now I think I will try to get back to drawing.